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by Vickee Johnson on CentreSpring MD

I have struggled with health issues for 27 years off and on but about three years ago it turned into being debilitating and chronic. I believe this was from not getting proper care and following traditional medicine. So several years ago I turned to holistic medicine to help. I have gotten a lot better and believe I am on the road to a full recovery. Several months ago I was still struggling and I felt like there was something missing in my healing. I couldn't put my finger on it but I knew instinctively. Dr. Grossman suggested I see Gedalia and try Marma Therapy and Ayurvedic healing. I thought at this point what do I have to loose and I was hopeful this was the missing piece to my healing.I am happy to say it was!!! Gedalia is wonderful, loving, sensitive and creates a safe environment for healing. She is very gifted in what she does and is very knowledgeable about helping to unblock stress, pain, emotions, creativity, etc. Actually I never connected how connected all this is to my actual physical health.My husband even said something to me recently when we were talking. He said, "you have really changed, you seem calmer, more patient, loving and understanding. You just seem to be at peace and in a better place". I truly believe it has been the Marma. I just can't say enough about how life changing and healing this has been for me.

by Lisa Coolidge on CentreSpring MD

I have been a patient at the center for many yrs and would refer there gladly.

by Bonita burch on CentreSpring MD

Absolutely pleased with everything

by Lauren on CentreSpring MD

Great customer service and friendly staff. Thorough treatment

by Mr. Stockton on CentreSpring MD

I went to see Dr. Taz in March of 2015, high blood pressure, pre diabetic, clinically obese, high cholesterol. She told me I had a choice, two paths to go down. So I chose and followed her advice. Got My Fitness Pal link, bought a food scale, bought a human scale.Set my mind on 1800 calories a day and moderate cardio exercise for 1 hour a day five days a week Took all the medications she gave me, tracked every calorie I ate. No alcohol, just will power.Through great encouragement and guidance and reading the 21 day belly fix I adjusted my calories to 1400 about 3 months in and then I increased my exercise to strenuous 3 days a week for one hour and moderate for 2 days a week. I started April 1st and as of December 1st I had lost 50 lbs and am maintaining my weight during the holidays. When I went back to Dr. Taz in November, blood pressure normal, cholesterol normal, no longer pre diabetic, triglycerides perfect, testosterone up, liver and kidney function all excellent. So because of the plan and my devotion to it, I am on the road to recovery.THANK YOU DR. TAZ

by Perry Brubaker on CentreSpring MD

Very impressed with the commitment to health this practice displays. They strive to achieve optimal health for their patient population. Regardless of severity of disease or issue everyone should have a thorough evaluation provided by one of the center's practitioners. As a physical therapist I am now recommending my patients consider a wellness visit to help aid in their prevention of injury.

by Betsy Maz on CentreSpring MD

After struggling with health issues (digestive problems and joint pain) brought on by grief and stress, I turned to treatment by Dr. Gedalia. It is so refreshing to have someone give me helpful suggestions of things "to do"" rather than a list of things "not to do". In just a few weeks I have seen a significant reduction in pain, am sleeping better and have even lost weight! I am very grateful to have found a new way of looking at health.

by Rita Hamilton on CentreSpring MD

My first visit with Dr. Taz was a few months ago, and since then I have had a couple follow up visits with Kristin. Got my husband to go there too. We've each lost over 10 pounds and feel a lot better about our overall health. Also highly recommend their acupuncture treatments

by Stephanie on CentreSpring MD

Highly recommend visiting this office to get to the root of any of your health issues!! After seeing many specialists about my health concerns I came here hoping to get answers. Dr. Taz and her team are so helpful and kind! I also got a massage by Dana which I highly recommend!! Office staff and nurses all very professional too. I now have hope that I will finally get better after suffering for almost a year and a half! Definitely worth the time and money!

by Patricia on CentreSpring MD

Highly recommend the Atlanta Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine for anyone who wants to get at the root cause of their health issue. The amount of education, guidance and support you will receive is phenomenal & all of their doctors are amazing! If you are also considering acupuncture, definitely book an appointment with Allison, she is well worth it!

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