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drtazmdI don’t know about you, but I am still catching up from our snow days! Don’t let the cold snap get you down- Spring is around the corner. March is the month to prep for spring allergies and boost your immune system to handle the onslaught of pollen that begins in April. We have created a Spring allergy bundle to help you get started on your path to an enjoyable Spring.

I always think of March as a great month for a beauty detox- our HydraFacial paired with a nutritional detox is a great recipe for revealing your Spring beauty.

Finally, we are using March to prepare for our 5 YEAR CELEBRATION this April which we hope you will all join. We are very excited about what is to come and think you will be too!

From Rabia: Integrative Pre-Conception Care

There are many healthy lifestyle changes you can make before becoming pregnant that can improve your odds of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.


1. Eat healthy – Increase organic vegetables and fruits – especially leafy greens.  Choose organic, hormone free meats.  Add healthy fats by upping seeds, nuts, and carefully sourced fish – download Seafood Watch app for healthy seafood options.

2. Balanced exercise –  Avoid excessive exercise and instead opt for yoga, Pilates, or walking 4 days per week.  If overweight (BMI >30), losing 5-10% of your body weight can improve your fertility so more vigorous exercise may be needed.

3.  Take your multivitamin – Be sure your prenatal supplement includes: vitamin A 2500 IU or less, iron 18 mg, iodine 150 mcg, folate 400-800 mcg, vitamin D 1000 IU, vitamin B12 2.4 mcg, Vitamin E 200-400 IU mixed tocopherols, and trace minerals. Also add molecularly distilled omega 3 with 300 mg of DHA and 500 mg of EPA.

4.  Reduce stress –  Consider a regular relaxation practice; acupuncture, marma therapy, meditation, breath work, guided imagery, and tai chi are great options.

5.  Avoid environmental toxins –  Avoid hidden chemicals known as “endocrine disruptors” in your food and personal/household products using phone apps like “Skin Deep” or “Think Dirty. Shop Clean.”  Drink filtered water in a glass or stainless steel bottle instead of plastic water bottles.

6. Consider genetic testing – One common genetic variation that can affect fertility involves the MTHFR gene.   One can be easily tested by your doctor and supported with specific nutritional supplementation.

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2. Environmetal Working Group. “Healthy Home Tips: Tip 15 – Healthy Pregnancy.”

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* Rabia Vaughns is a Physician Assistant committed to offering comprehensive and compassionate medical care.  Rabia received her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Towson University in Maryland.  She worked as a public health educator for several years before completing her Physician Assistant certification and her Master’s in Medical Science.  For the past six years, Rabia has worked as a Physician Assistant concentrating in family practice and women’s health.  Her caring, personal demeanor and unique knowledge makes her a valuable member of our practice. 


Ayurveda: Ayurveda and You

dr_gedaliahWhen I think of Spring I feel an opportunity to make a fresh start. From the new flowers blooming with their fragrances and color dancing around me, I feel a renewed sense of being and vitality. New energy emerges.
From dandelion root to leafy greens, asparagus to bitter greens and berries, Mother Nature has our best interest at heart; cleaning and detoxifying the body.

Think bitter, astringent and pungent foods! And don’t forget to take triphala; its cleansing and detoxifying properties have been safely used for thousands of years to gently detoxify the GI tract and alleviate congestion of all sorts. Check it out at ACHIM’s supplement store.

There are so many detox plans and programs; choosing one can be confusing. To keep it simple, begin by following the rhythms of nature and eat with the season.

Spring Cleaning Special Consult
only available month of March
Learn Spring foods, herbs, spices and meal plans that will lighten your body and soul. Want to detox? – Let’s find your best approach.
30 Minute Session | $50

Special Marma Session
This session will stimulate the body’s detoxification pathways and renew your energy, a great compliment to any detox program.
50 Minute Session | $80
Call 404.814.9808 to book your appointment

To personalize your understanding of Ayurveda, visit me for the “Ayurvedic Sampler” package which includes three fifty-minute sessions that will enhance your overall health regimen.  To learn more about Ayurveda and how it can benefit you please visit

Jump Start the Health of Someone You Love


What Doctors Eat

 is available for purchase at the ACHIM or online: Follow this link to purchase online.

Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture & Seasonal Allergies

For those that suffer from season allergies, there is probably not a home remedy, over-the-counter or pharmaceutical medication that hasn’t been tried. While Acupuncture and herbal medicine has withstood the test of time, it has not been given nearly enough credit for its abilities to alleviate allergy symptoms. Acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments are used to:

  1. Regulate the immune response
  2. Support digestion to take unneeded stress off of the body and reduce the production of phlegm
  3. Clear the sinuses of congestion and inflammation
  4. Alleviate sinus headaches
  5. Open the airways and strengthen the lungs

Treatments are beneficial for symptom relief or if you are a regular sufferer it is recommended to begin Acupuncture now and maintain treatments throughout the allergy season or until symptoms are alleviated.

Cat whisker sized needles are gently inserted in Acupuncture points located near and around the sinuses, arms, hands, legs and feet and the back. These points will vary based on the constitution of the individual and what symptoms they are presenting with.

New research has been done to show the efficacy of Acupuncture treatments done over the course of 8 weeks for seasonal allergies. Patients receiving Acupuncture reported far less use of antihistamines than a group receiving “sham Acupuncture” and a group using only antihistamines. Additionally, the Acupuncture group continued to report less use of antihistamines at a four month follow-up than the two other groups. See the study here.

If you anticipate a rough couple of months ahead for your or your children, consider beginning Acupuncture now to alleviate your symptoms this season.

Nutrition: Busy Spring Time Recipe

137Wow, spring time is busy! After having some sort of sports activity every afternoon for my kids (I swear we were a 1-2 sport family) and getting home late every night this week only to rush a quick dinner, bath, homework and bed, I realized that cooking dinner at night this spring is going to be close to impossible. There just won’t be enough time, so I will have to figure out a system. Fortunately, my husband and I cooked enough food last Sunday to eat leftovers a good bit for this first crazy week.

By Thursday night, I needed a fresh meal so I made this Mustard Lime Chicken and it was really awesome! I’ve figure out that if I can cut and prep our meat and/or veggies earlier in the day, then it makes cooking later in the evening seem less daunting. Before carpool, I pre-cut this chicken, mixed the ingredients in the bag (which took all of 10 minutes) and let it marinate in the fridge. When we got home at 6:00, all I had to do was pop this in the oven for 30 minutes and that was it! Nice, easy, and REALLY good!

Click here for the recipe!

For an individual nutritional consult, please call 404.814.9808 to make an appointment.  You can visit Landria’s nutrition blog here

Mindfulness: Practicing Self-Love, Self-Honor, Self-Acceptance & Self-Care

313How do you treat yourself? Talk to yourself? Take care of yourself? What do you believe about yourself? In Mindfulness, our relationship to ourselves is the starting point of enlightened living. Would you say that you are friends with yourself? What does self-love, self-honor, self-acceptance, and self-care mean to you? Learning to honor and treat ourselves well is an essential component to healthy living. Many people experience feelings of guilt or shame when they practice these principles because they do not understand the power in this way of being in the world. Learning to befriend all of who we are is an empowering stance in life. From there, we can move out into the world with calm, clarity, strength, ease, and grace.

Judgment, neglect, self-doubt and criticism are all too common in our relationships with ourselves. Many of us are in a trance of unworthiness, not feeling as if we are “enough”. Our patterns of comparing and competing only further this ego wounding. We engage in many toxic behaviors to try to combat these feelings like people pleasing, codependency, addictive tendencies, and perfectionism. These patterns block our internal light from shining brightly as it was meant to do. It also prevents us from enjoying radiant vibrant health on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

The good news is that it is possible to break these harmful patterns, to learn to love and accept yourself completely, and to step more fully into your own greatness. Remember that you are a precious, unique, beautiful and irreplaceable person. You are also a creative powerful and loving spirit. You were meant to let your light shine! Join Angela Buttimer, MS, RYT, LPC for a rich workshop on this topic on Thursday March 27 from 6:30 to 8:00pm.

CALL ACHIM to register and reserve your spot today!

$50 per person (Bring a friend and both receive 20% off) – $40 each! 

March 2014

What To Look For In This Issue:

  • A Letter From Dr. Taz MD
  • Acupuncture & Seasonal Allergies
  • Ayurveda and You
  • Busy Spring Time Recipe
  • Integrative Pre-Conception Care
  • Practicing Self Love
  • Your Spring Garden

March Specials

Get a package of FIVE Basic Hydrafacials for $500 (a $75 savings!)


Marma Special
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Ayurvedic Sampler Package
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Session Two: Tongue and Pulse Evaluation
Session Three: Nutrition
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March Events

March 6th
Food Allergies & Intolerance
with Landria Voigt
7:00-7:45 pm | FREE


March 25th
Stress & Hormones
with Landria Voigt
7:00-7:45 pm | FREE


March 27th
Radical Self Acceptance with Angela Buttimer
6:30-8:15|$50 to register or bring a friend and both receive 20% off


March 31st
Mobile Thermogram at ACHIM
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Call 404.814.9808 to reserve your spot or book your appointment for any of our March happenings!

Allergy Bundle Special

Allergies getting in your way? Try our allergy bundle special!

  • ProBiotics
  • DHist
  • Magnolia Clear

$65 ($72 without special)

From the Garden: Your Spring Garden


Spring is just around the corner, so use this time wisely and pre-plan your spring garden. Do a quick inventory and inspection of your existing tools and supplies and make a list of the items that need to be replaced and any new required tools or supplies. You will find that having a well-stocked shed will make gardening a little easier when you have everything that you need at your fingertips.

Take the time to plan the layout of your garden. A few must haves are; soaker hoses, stakes, plant labels, tomato cages and items to use to frame your garden. Don’t be afraid to add imaginative items that fit your personality.. Plant what you like to eat. Try a themed or subject garden like a salsa, pizza or even a cocktail garden. Planting what you know you will put to good use helps to keep you motivated to continue. The key is to make the garden fun.
Gardening can be a peaceful, therapeutic or simply fun. Take a chance and make this Spring season the season that you spring into action… your green thumb awaits. Can you dig it?

Nationally Featured: Prevention Magazine


Are there any natural, drug-free ways to head off heart disease?

“Yes, there are, and some of them may be surprising. The key to good heart health is to curb inflammation, poor circulation, and nutritional and emotional stress. Chronic inflammation is the heart-weakening end result of our excesses: too much work, overexercise, and poor eating habits.

Here are some tips to quench the fire that’s linked to plaque formation in your arteries…”  Article continues here.

Click here to see more Prevention articles from Dr. Taz MD!

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