The Best Women’s Healthcare: Why You Should See a Holistic OB/GYN in Atlanta

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The world of women’s healthcare is changing–and we couldn’t be happier about it. Traditional feminine wellness has historically left those in female bodies feeling overlooked, generalized, and even shamed. But with root cause women’s medicine and functional treatments, your holistic OB/GYN in Atlanta is paving the way for healthy hormones, fertility, and true health.

You’ll learn what makes holistic gynecologists and obstetricians different, what you can expect when you see an integrative doctor, and why you should make the switch to an integrative and holistic OB/GYN in Atlanta with your next appointment.

Holistic Means A Whole-Body Approach

Holistic medicine is concerned with the whole body, rather than individual parts or symptoms.

When seeing a holistic gynecologist, your doctor will address your whole body, instead of individual systems. For example, if a patient presents with a yeast infection, your integrative doctor will provide functional solutions to not only treat the yeast infection, but identify root causes of possible Candida overgrowth like gut health and hormone imbalance that can cause a bacterial imbalance.

A conventional gyno may treat a yeast infection, but not identify underlying causes that could indicate Candida overgrowth. This is neither effective nor advantageous to the patient–especially if your yeast infections are frequent.

Similarly, while conventional doctors will likely have limited time for questions (i.e. when was the date of your last period?), a holistic gynecologist will want to know more. You’ll discuss sleep, stress, diet, and the regularity and comfort of your menstrual cycle, just to get started.

Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health contribute to the health of your hormones and reproductive system, so to a holistic doctor they’re relevant to your care.

A holistic doctor will address not only female wellness, but fertility, hormone balance, and overall lifestyle balance as well.

Why Do Women Choose a Holistic OB/GYN?

There are many benefits to choosing to see a holistic doctor for women’s health, such as:

  • More time with your doctor: On average, women can spend as little as 12 minutes with their conventional provider. Hardly enough time to get to the bottom of problems or get to know you as a patient. Our holistic OB/GYNs in Atlanta maximize time spent with patients to get a comprehensive view of effective treatment.
  • A whole-body approach: When hormones are out of balance, it’s important that your doctor address diet, lifestyle, trauma, and illness that can impact this complex system.
  • Increased trust and rapport: Your holistic OB/GYN will likely have a better idea of your risks, lifestyle, and which treatment options are best for you. At the same time, you’ll feel more comfortable opening up about sensitive topics if you have more trust between you.
  • Personalized treatment options: Not only will your holistic provider discuss traditional treatments with you, but you’ll have the opportunity for functional and natural solutions as well.

Learn more about integrative women’s medicine at CentreSpringMD.

Holistic Women’s Healthcare, Fertility, and Beyond

Many women seek a holistic OB/GYN for fertility concerns, but the benefit of optimal reproductive health extends far beyond trying to conceive.

Additionally, while the idea of proactive prenatal care begins and ends with a prenatal vitamin for many women, your integrative OB/GYN will help you set a foundation for not only a healthy pregnancy, but holistic health for mom as well.

You can expect your holistic OB/GYN at CentreSpringMD to address the following as part of creating optimal health.

Hormone Balance

Balanced hormones may be one of the most important aspects of working with a holistic OB/GYN in Atlanta. While solutions like hormonal birth control are the norm for many conventional practitioners, the pill doesn’t actually regulate hormones, and can mask symptoms of hormone imbalance that a holistic OB/GYN can help you navigate.

You’ll have resources like DUTCH testing, nutrition counseling, and genetic testing, that can help you optimize your hormone function.

Whether you’re trying to conceive or simply looking for comfortable cycles and optimal well-being, balanced hormones are the first stop.


What you eat affects your hormones, fertility, and toxin load, to name a few. Your diet is one of the most powerful tools to create better wellness, or to cause problems along your journey. A skilled holistic OB/GYN in Atlanta will help you identify foods to support hormone levels, a healthy weight, and reproductive health.


Environmental toxins and endocrine disruptors can alter the delicate communication system within the body, and women are exposed to the highest amounts of toxins within the home–including food and personal care products. If you’re managing PCOS symptoms or experience discomfort around your period, proper detox is crucial to your care.

Supporting natural detox pathways will promote the healthy function of hormones, immune function, and overall health.

Your Microbiome

The health of your gut controls many things about women’s wellness. The overgrowth of bacteria due to stress, a poor diet, or even the pill can result in unpleasant infections like bacterial vaginosis and Candida (yeast) overgrowth.

Holistic Gynecology Treatment Methods

The difference between a traditional OB/GYN and a holistic OB/GYN in Atlanta is often how they approach treatment of women’s health conditions.

While a conventional doctor will primarily use pharmaceuticals, synthetic hormones, or surgery to treat problems, a holistic doctor will first address diet, lifestyle, and the root of hormonal imbalances which are causing the problem.

Common Reasons to See a Holistic OB/GYN

Holistic gynecologists and obstetricians address all the same health conditions that you’d see a conventional doctor for. Holistic fertility is one of the most popular reasons people seek out holistic providers.

You should also see a holistic gynecologist if you experience pain during sex, pelvic pain (at any time), yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis (BV), infertility, hormone imbalance, and PMDD or PMS.

A holistic women’s health doctor can also help you navigate hormonal conditions like endometriosis and PCOS, and provide you with conventional and holistic treatment options.

Will an Integrative Gynecologist Prescribe Drugs?

Holistic gynecologists can still prescribe drugs where necessary. The difference is that they’ll discuss both conventional and holistic options. For instance, if a patient is managing PCOS symptoms, your holistic doctor will discuss ways to naturally balance hormones, as well as inform you about the risks and benefits of birth control, so you can make a truly informed choice.

Integrative Medicine for Modern, Effective Women’s Healthcare

Holistic OB/GYNs offer whole-body wellness and functional treatments which are the most effective way to support women’s wellness.

Integrative women’s health is pioneering the next level of care for female bodies who seek to support the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of their health and wellbeing.

Learn more about integrative women’s health at CentreSpringMD, or schedule your appointment here.




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