"I consider myself an agent of transformation. That is, to shine a light on what is hidden in order to restore balance and optimize function in the lives of my patients. This is not just my career, but indeed my calling."

- Dr. Jennifer Franklin

Dr. Franklin is a board-certified pediatrician and the only functional pediatrician in Georgia to be certified through the Institute of Functional Medicine. Her extensive training allows her to treat patients with a variety of conditions from an integrative and functional perspective.

After completing her residency training, she enjoyed a thriving career as a general pediatrician. As a mom to three young sons, one born premature, she knows well the toll that balancing motherhood and career could take - with her own health compromised from stress, a poor diet, and fatigue. She knew this was a wake-up call to take control of her health and make wellness a priority. After completing an elimination diet that changed her life, she dedicated herself to eating whole foods, a regular exercise program, good sleep hygiene, and stress-relieving techniques. These physical and mental changes combined with her commitment to faith and spirituality were essential to her healing. It was through her own personal journey that she felt called to bring this type of healing and holistic wellness to patients who are desperate for their own life transformation.

Dr. Franklin believes that patients should be treated as the unique individuals that they are. She is passionate about developing relationships with her patients, in order to develop tailored and collaborative treatment plans to heal the patient from the inside out. Effective care focuses on physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and true healing is not complete until this holistic triad is addressed and brought into balance. She is dedicated to coming alongside her patients in their health journey to guide and assist them in discovering a new life of vitality and wellness. She will encourage them, support them, and strengthen them every step of the way. Dr. Franklin views herself as not solely a medical doctor, but also as a coach, a teammate, and a cheerleader in order to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals and triumph over disease which is limiting their quality of life. She thrives on investigating the root cause of symptoms, effectively educating her patients about their condition, and empowering them to commit to the treatment plan. Her deepest desire is to meet patients exactly where they are, and help them discover a more abundant, joyful, and purposeful life.

She has been married to the love of her life, Jimmy, for almost 15 years and has three active young boys. She loves to spend quality time with her family, be it on traveling adventures or just playing in the yard, and she believes that laughing oxygenates the soul. She also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen with healthy new recipes, HIIT, spin and Pilates classes, reading, photographing nature, and marveling at sunsets with her boys. The heartbeat of her existence is her faith and her calling to support her community.

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