“Many patients become frustrated with their journey towards health and wellness. They feel unheard by their doctors and unsupported in their search for answers. Discovering why a person develops a symptom or a chronic disease requires an open heart to listen and an open mind to consider all of the potential root causes."

—Dr. Tanya Lehine, D.O.

After spending many years providing compassionate care to her patients in upstate New York, Dr. Tanya Lehine joined CentreSpring MD in December 2016, and is the lead physician for adult care at the Johns Creek location. She is a board certified physician specializing in family medicine and functional medicine with expertise in women’s health and the mind-body connection to health and wellness.

As a young physician, Dr. Lehine eagerly began her career only to quickly become disenchanted with the lack of time and connection she was able to have with her patients. In addition, she found herself discouraged with prescribing multiple medications for her patient’s symptoms and/or chronic diseases without having the tools to address the underlying root causes. This prompted her to seek out courses that provided additional education and perspective on how to obtain optimal health and wellness.

Initially, she attended a course called Food as Medicine through The Center for Mind Body Medicine. This created a passion for nutrition, and she began educating her patients about the strong connection between food and health. Shortly after, Dr. Lehine began her training through The Institute of Functional Medicine where she will complete her extensive certification at the end of 2017.

Dr. Lehine has extensive experience providing primary care, utilizing a hybrid model of conventional and functional medicine. She has worked in multiple hospital-based practices and appreciates the importance of respecting both approaches. Dr. Lehine has also held the position of medical director of a multi-disciplinary pain management center, TotalCare Medical PC. As the director, she created comprehensive treatment plans for patients suffering from a variety of musculoskeletal complaints. In addition, she was the lead provider at A Woman’s View, a niche practice that offered holistic primary care to women of all ages.

Throughout her career, Dr. Lehine has focused on developing strong partnerships with her patients that are built upon trust, mutual respect and compassion. She appreciates patients taking a proactive role in their health and enjoys answering their questions. Dr. Lehine believes that if the patient understands why they are experiencing their symptoms they will be much more engaged in their treatment plan.


  • Board Certified in Family Medicine, American Board of Family Medicine
  • Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine, NY College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Family Medicine Residency, UMDNJ/St. Mary Hospital
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Vermont
  • Currently obtaining certification from the Institute of Functional Medicine- completion in 2017