"Each day of our lives, we need to find the strength that allows us to take action with fierce love. We need the strength to dust off the mirror of our consciousness and show up in ways that go beyond our pain. For this we need a guide, a mentor, a healer, a compassionate listener, a safe environment, and an attunement to our very own nature."

–Gedalia Genin

Gedalia’s unique approach with women combines her personal experiences with her vast knowledge and advanced training in all aspects of natural health; Ayurveda , Energy healing, and the use and application of essential oils for Aromatherapy.

Utilizing this knowledge and skilled intuition, Gedalia helps women restore the vitality they seek through facilitating emotional, physical and spiritual health.
Her expertise lies in relieving stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, grief, loss, hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, any type of pain, allergies or simply overall anti-aging, prevention and rejuvenation. Her clients report feeling a renewed relationship with themselves and the world around them.

Gedalia’s sincere and compassionate nature allows her to help women to truly heal and transform their lives.

Gedalia is married over thirty years, the mother of two great sons and an artist with a studio in Atlanta at Artists’ Atelier Gallery and Studios.

Gedalia’s Background

  • Training and Education – Ph. D. in Traditional Naturopathy – Natural Health, with more than 15 years experience in energy healing as well as teaching and consulting on women’s health
  • Graduated Honors with B.S. in Natural Health and Doctor of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health
  • Attended four year training program with Dr. Michael Mamas, a world renowned energy healer, teacher and writer. Studies included 600 hours of hands on healing and mind-body relationship exploration (www.mountsoma.org)
  • Completed Marma Therapy training with Vasant Lad – Ayurvedic Institute– Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Holds a rare Ayurvedic certificate upon completion of training with Vasant Lad in a clinical setting of Ayurvedic studies in India (Nov. – Dec .2012).
  • Reiki Master

The depth of her work has blossomed as a result of being a student of Siddha Yoga Meditation since 1990.

Work Experience

  • Healing practice in Santa Rosa, California, for eight years serving women
  • Conducted corporate programs for improving employees’ health and lifestyle naturally
  • Conducted programs for college students in utilizing Aromatherapy to improve learning
  • Key speaker at Sound Healing conference in Atlanta and taught massage therapists Marma points for CEU credits
  • Appeared Live on the Weather Channel 2014 discussing natural remedies for fall allergies
  • Regularly contributes Ayurvedic articles for Everyday Ayurveda