“There is no better gratification than knowing I helped someone become a better person; whether it is giving someone better knowledge around healthy eating, or general exercise, positive influence is a key toward a healthier lifestyle.”

—Miguel Ortiz

Miguel Ortiz is a certified personal trainer that is joining the CentreSpring MD family after spending the past 9 years as a personal trainer at the Lifetime Fitness locations in Alpharetta and Atlanta. He is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute, a Certified Nutritional Consultant, NASM certified, and Olympic lifting certified. He has been training for over 11 years, and says it has been the most gratifying work he has ever done. Helping people develop positive life changing habits is why he loves training so much.

Most trainers tend to just focus on the movement, while others might only focus on food. However, to make true and consistent changes over a long period of time, Miguel believes you need to marry all concepts of health and fitness together so that the person in front of you has the best chance of developing properly. He is a firm believer that inactivity, not age, keeps us down, so it’s very important to keep moving.

Miguel has developed numerous exercise program designs, given nutritional guidance for individual clients, as well as coached weight loss and boot camp group classes. Providing weekly guidance in complimentary SMR classes, he helps to educate Lifetime Fitness members on proper trigger point release, basic mobility for proper movement patters, and the alignment of the body’s kinetic chain. To better assist their trainers in understanding metabolic dysfunctions, he conducts educational meetings within a group or individual format to help their clients overcome barriers that may hinder their ability to reach fitness and nutritional goals.

When he is not training clients, Miguel really enjoys snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding and playing various sports on a regular basis with friends and family. Being too old for anything is an excuses for you not to live the life you want! He and his wife and love to travel and they try to visit a new country every year.

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