Stephanie Watson joined CentreSpring MD at the end of 2016, to develop CentreSpring MD’s Health Coaching program and could not be more excited to join a like-minded team of healthcare providers who believe in treating the whole person.

Stephanie is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and the Health Coach Certificate program at Emory University. As a seasoned professional, she has and continues to work closely as the Health Coach for the faculty and staff at the prestigious Westminster Schools in Atlanta. Prior to working at Westminster, she worked as a Healthy Eating Educator at Whole Foods Market for three years. Stephanie is fiercely passionate about food and like Dr. Taz MD, fully believes in using it as medicine!

She believes that small, lifestyle changes lead to bigger, lifelong changes and she knows this from personal experience. For years, Stephanie suffered from gut issues, brain fog, and dizziness. She tried to treat her symptoms herself, but she longed for real answers. She was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. After becoming a patient of CentreSpring MD, coupled with her health coach and nutrition knowledge, she can honestly say that it does take a village to heal.

Starting in January of 2017, Stephanie will be available to new members and have a la carte consultation packages available to help patients navigate through their physician-prescribed protocols. She knows how overwhelming it can be to have to take new supplements, start exercising, cut sugar, avoid allergens, and find time to sleep (soundly) 7.5-8 hours per night. It can be done though. One step at a time.

Stephanie resides in Atlanta, has a health and wellness blog called She is also a new mom to a sweet baby boy, a wife, a yoga and barre enthusiast, and enjoys spending time in the kitchen.

Health Coaching Packages