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Top 10 Best Natural Supplements for Weight Loss

Most people have lived with extra body weight at one point in their lives, and know how difficult it is to sustain healthy weight loss. Of course, the best way for healthy weight loss is through a well-rounded diet and... READ MORE

14 Best Brain Boosting Foods for Kids: Improve Growth & Development Now

The early years of life are critical for brain development, and food plays an important role for brain power. With the right fuel (brain boosting foods), kids from toddlers to teenagers can be happier, smarter, and have better behavior both... READ MORE

NAC: The Incredible Amino Acid for Your Lungs, Liver, and Longevity

If you haven’t heard of n-acetyl cysteine yet, get ready to be wowed by this amino acid that may have incredible benefits for your brain, body, and long-term health. No matter your health goals, you’ll likely find that NAC plays... READ MORE

5 Superfood Seeds for Better Brain Health

Your brain is an energy-hungry powerhouse. It’s in charge of controlling the way you feel and think, as well as your mood, memory, speech, and much more. Brain health is so important. That’s why you need to keep your brain... READ MORE

Supplement Spotlight: Berberine for Weight Loss, Fertility, Metabolic Health, and More

Supplement Spotlight: Berberine for Weight Loss, Fertility, Metabolic Health, and More If you haven’t yet heard of berberine, get ready to be wowed by a tiny plant compound that was largely obscure to the Western world, until researchers discovered its... READ MORE

The Keto Diet: A Functional Guide to Low-Carb Eating

What Is a Ketogenic Diet? The basics of the ketogenic diet are as follows: Prioritize eating to satiety with dietary fat Maintain a low carbohydrate intake Consume moderate protein foods The average keto diet recommends anywhere from 20-50 grams of... READ MORE


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The Benefits of Magnesium for Mood + Mental Health

Magnesium is an important micronutrient that plays a role in mood and mental health. It helps with depression, anxiety, ADHD,...
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Estrogen Metabolism + Detoxification: Reduce Breast Cancer Risk with Healthy Estrogen Levels

Do you have a family history of breast cancer? Do you have difficulty sleeping or experience hot flashes? If so,...
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The Link Between ADHD + Anxiety: How They’re Connected, What It Means for You

ADHD and anxiety disorders are two conditions that often go hand-in-hand. ADHD is a neurological condition characterized by symptoms of...
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Irregular Period? 10 Evidence-Based Ways to Help Regulate Your Cycles

Do you experience irregular periods? Is your period unpredictable, does it last too long, or is it too short? Do...
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Autoimmune Flare-ups: 11 Natural Ways to Manage Your Symptoms

Do you have an autoimmune disease? If so, you're not alone. Autoimmune diseases affect more than 50 million Americans and...
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