Holistic Family Medicine in Brookhaven, GA

Western medicine's prescriptive approach often means health issues get overlooked or ignored and treatments target symptoms over the root cause.

As a functional medicine provider in Brookhaven, GA serving the whole family, CentreSpringMD strives to change that through comprehensive, personalized care blending Western and Eastern techniques. Our scope of services includes:

  • Integrative women's health
  • Integrative men's health
  • Integrative pediatrics
  • Holistic spa services

Uncover your center and spring forth through integrative family medicine in Atlanta, GA

Our Approach to Holistic Primary Care

We leave no concern unturned, instead approaching your and every family member's health from a comprehensive angle and addressing rather than glossing over complex medical issues. In the process, we get to know you - your medical history, your lifestyle, symptoms, and genetics - and conduct diagnostic testing to examine each facet in more depth.

As a result, we stray away from prescriptive solutions focused on medication or invasive treatments and develop a unique, personalized plan factoring in the relationship between your health and your life. This may include:

Why Turn to Integrative Medicine?

You're seeking answers - and so are we. Trained in western medicine and turning to Ayurvedic and Chinese practices, CentreSpringMD believes that addressing symptoms is just the tip of the iceberg. Each patient's health is far more complex than what it initially appears, and in identifying the root cause of your concern, a whole-body approach becomes necessary to fully treating each individual.

Health and lifestyle don't exist as two separate and unrelated spheres. In helping you and your entire family spring forth, integrative medicine:

  • Spends more time with each patient — for example, a 45-minute appointment versus the typical 18 minutes at a traditional provider.
  • Looks beyond prescriptive solutions and, instead, factors in diet, behavior therapy, hormonal and autoimmune concerns, chronic inflammation, stress management, and gut health.
  • Involves listening to each patient: Through comprehensive diagnostic testing and health assessments, we acknowledge that an answer might not readily be apparent. In turn, we analyze where diet, sleep, age, hormonal changes, and stress intersect with your medical history and how these factors may be fueling various chronic conditions.
  • Helps guide your journey: We periodically assess your health to retool your plan and avoid focusing strictly on medication.
  • Reflects the future of healthcare: We believe all patients, no matter their age, gender, or health condition, should receive personalized, comprehensive, and tailored care.

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