The team at CentreSpringMD is determined to shift the definition of ‘prevention.’ We go beyond cholesterol checks, blood pressure screens, mammograms, and colonoscopies (though all important) and work hard to learn about your true health risk for disease and factors that may be accelerating your aging process. We ask the right questions and offer the best resources including:

  • Comprehensive nutritional evaluations—is your diet working for you?
  • Detoxification—where are you?
  • Hormone Evaluation, Hormone Replacement
  • Facials and anti-aging treatments
  • Genetic testing to determine your true risk for disease
  • CIMT testing- Learn your CV age
  • Thermograms
  • Stress Rehabilitation to find a comprehensive stress management program that fits you

To schedule all of these tests, and a new patient visit with one of our providers, please call us at 404.814.9808.