Food intolerances and allergies that are undetected can wreak havoc on your little one. Our goal at CentreSpringMD + Pediatrics is to find out what foods your child needs to avoid or completely remove. We don’t just start and stop there because we want to help rebuild and repair gut integrity with the hope of reintroducing those foods down the road. For some, complete reversal of the intolerance may occur, and for others, avoiding certain foods, preservatives or dyes might become a lifestyle. Whatever your child is dealing with, our team of compassionate providers want to partner with you to help alleviate symptoms and provide recommendations for lasting healing. We offer a number of the best tests, treatment options and resources to get to the root issue.

These offerings include:

  • Full evaluation from one of our providers
  • Food allergy panels
  • Food sensitivities (ALCAT)
  • Histamine Intolerance
  • Fructosamine Intolerance
  • Certified Nutritionist Support