Holistic Medicine Practitioners Debunk 5 PCOS Myths

The holistic medicine practitioners at CentreSpringMD work hard to debunk myths regarding common conditions and diseases treated by conventional medicine with drugs. It is similar to naturopathic medicine, which uses herbs and plants, exercise, acupuncture, massage therapy, and nutritional counseling to heal the body. Comparatively, holistic doctors use natural remedies along with modern medicine.

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Let’s examine PCOS myths debunked by holistic doctors in their journey to help people suffering from this uncomfortable condition.

Alternative Medicine Practitioner

The holistic approach of medical care focuses on treating patients as a whole person, and not individual ailing parts. Through this, people suffering from certain conditions or diseases such as PCOS receive treatments that focus on healing their body as a whole.

Specifically, holistic medicine practitioners provide medical advice on changing lifestyle habits and diet for long-term PCOS relief and cure.

PCOS Myths According to Holistic Medicine Practitioners

1. PCOS is rare.

Worldwide, there is a lack of awareness regarding PCOS (1). In fact, at any given time, there are women around the world who are suffering from it but do not realize it. In many cultures and countries, talking about menstruation and fertility, even with a doctor, is considered taboo (1). Therefore, a lot of women simply assume they are infertile, or something is wrong with their bodies.

Are you are experiencing PCOS symptoms? Make an appointment with a holistic health practitioner.

2. Something you did or are doing caused you to have PCOS.

This myth is connected to the first one. Since many people suffering from PCOS don’t realize they have it, it is also harder for medical experts to analyze its origin. Surprisingly, 1 in 10 women suffers from PCOS, which is caused by a hormonal imbalance and problems with metabolism (2).

3. Women with PCOS cannot get pregnant.

You most definitely can get pregnant with PCOS. Using an ovulation calculator shows you the days you are most likely to be fertile (3). Increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Holistic medicine practitioners can discuss ways to help stimulate ovulation. Book an appointment now.

4. Only overweight women get PCOS.

PCOS is linked to insulin resistance and therefore can affect women of all different weight proportions (4). Similarly, many diabetics are of a healthy weight. Women with PCOS are at a higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, and obesity (5). Although, being overweight is not a guarantee you will suffer from PCOS.

5. Lose weight to get rid of PCOS.

While you can lose weight to help balance your hormones, there is no cure for PCOS (6). Do not expect to be cured of PCOS just because you lose weight.

Holistic Medicine Practitioners Near Me

Are you suffering from PCOS or worried that your symptoms might be PCOS? Book an in-person appointment or virtual consult today with one of CentreSpringMD’s holistic medicine practitioners. CentreSpringMD is Atlanta’s leading integrative family medicine center. Integrative medicine fuses traditional, modern medicine with holistic medicine.

Our expert medical doctors will do a thorough examination of your lifestyle habits, diet, daily activities, and movement. This allows for a holistic medicine practitioner to create the right PCOS treatment plan and support customized to you. Achieve optimal health now with CentreSpringMD. Contact our team at any time with questions or concerns regarding our services.


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