Holistic Mental Health Modifications Recommended if You’re Dealing with Depression & Anxiety

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Have you or a loved one been struggling with anxiety and/or depression recently? Holistic mental health integrates your emotional and mental state with your physical and spiritual healthiness to promote balance (1).

Are you suffering from symptoms such as physical pain and stress? Do you want alternative ways to treat yourself other than with prescription SSRI’s (anti-depressants) or other drugs? Then, holistic treatment practices may be for you (2).

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Become healthy to lose weight; don’t lose weight to become healthy”? The same goes for mental wellness. Sometimes bad habits can attribute to poor mental health.

We understand that when you’re feeling in a rut, the last things you want to do are eat healthy, go outside, or exercise. Although, you would be surprised what slight changes to your habits can do for your mental state. Follow the tips below to get started on your holistic mental health journey.

These natural remedies can ease depression and anxiety disorders, ADHD/ADD, and support other mental health issues.

Mental Health Holistic Approach

  1. Regular exercise

Many people jump to conclusions about working out and give up. No, you don’t have to run three times a week and lift weights to be healthy and active.

  • Don’t like running? Walk instead. In fact, moderate walking has been proven to produce similar health benefits to vigorous running (3). Start by taking a long walk twice a day to relieve stress and a bad mood so you can clear your head. Increase your steps weekly.
  • Don’t like high-intensity training? Switch to yoga. Light yoga and deep stretching can do wonders for your mental state (4).
  • Sick of only seeing the inside of your home? Spend time in nature. Yes, go outside. Are you surprised that spending time with Mother Earth promotes good health and wellbeing (5)?
  1. Eliminate caffeine

Most people find a hot cup of coffee in the morning comforting; a perfect start to the day. Yet, at the same time it can cause unknown jitteriness, lack of focus, and increased anxiety. Instead, use herbal and botanical remedies.

Swap coffee with green tea, matcha green tea, or other healthier options. Green tea is chock full of antioxidants to improve your mood and focus (6). Plus, it doesn’t give you a crash that coffee tends to.

Most importantly, if you are a fan of energy drinks, stop right now. They are definitely doing you more harm than good. Be better to your body than this.

  1. Eating whole foods

This is obviously a no-brainer. What you put into your body, you will feel through your entire body, even in your brain. Have you ever heard of brain fog? This happens from an unhealthy diet. Leafy greens, fruits, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, whole grains all promote mental health.

Holistic Mental Health Treatment

If you find the above natural remedies are just not cutting it for you, it’s time to book an appointment at a premier holistic mental health center. At CentreSpringMD integrative medical center, you’ll meet with an experienced holistic practitioner.

Below are some additional resources and steps a certified medical professional or doctor will talk to you about.

  • Talking with a therapist

It’s important to share how you’re feeling with a licensed professional. He/she can give you proper advice and suggestions for dealing with your (situational) depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

  • Healthy supplements

Are you’re finding it difficult to get the proper amounts of certain vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from your daily diet? With the right supplements, you can feel like a new person. For example, Vitamin D is a common deficiency that you can get in supplement form.

This form of therapy can relieve allergies, migraines, chronic pain, and yes, be effective in treating depression and anxiety.

Before you have this procedure done, talk with a medical professional. Make an appointment now.

This is another effective form of mental health therapy. It has been effective in helping children on the autism spectrum and with mental health in adults.

  • Nutritional and exercise counseling

It’s always great to have a grasp on what you need to put into your body to feel your best. Sometimes, we don’t know what this is. Talk to someone who does. Setting up a nutrition and exercise plan will get you on the right track to mental health greatness.

  • Relaxation techniques

Sometimes we need help with what stretching and other activities are best for us. Many people struggling with depression do not want to be social. Positive social interactions with people and animals have proven effective in improving mental health.

Health Counseling

Treating mental health conditions holistically means healing your entire body, mind, and spirit to promote complete balance and wellness (7). Don’t just treat yourself for temporary relief.

CentreSpringMD is more than your average doctor appointment. About 3-4 hours is the time span of your first consultation.

We understand that holistic care is not for everyone. Learn more about our holistic mental health and other programs and services here. Are you interested in more information? Check out our extensive medical blog with a wide range of free informational articles on integrative mental health, mindfulness, and much more.

Don’t suffer alone anymore. Everyone deserves to experience clarity, happiness, and peace; mental wellness. Our team of expert integrative practitioners can restore confidence, courage, and optimism.

Through compassion, honesty, and mutual respect, we will create a holistic mental health plan right for you.

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