Natural Weight Loss: Simple and Powerful Interval Training for Heart Health

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Exercising is an integral part of any healthy life, as well as natural weight loss and weight management. Specifically,  interval training can be an integral part of your heart’s and circulatory system’s healthy life as well (1).

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) takes less time than the traditional workout and does not require equipment. Yes, you read that right. HIIT workouts use your own body weight to burn fat and achieve healthy weight loss.


Learn exactly what interval training is and why it can be your key to lose weight naturally.

Natural Weight Loss and Heart Health with Internal Training

*Important note: If you have hypertension and/or arterial stiffness, talk to your doctor before you start any intense exercise program.

High intensity interval training is cardio training in which you alternate short, intense intervals with longer, slow intervals for recovery. In other words, interval training switches from a short, intense exercise burst to a rest period. The ratio is usually 1:2. An example of this would be running as fast as you can for one minute, then jogging or walking for two minutes. Do this five times and you will have a heart healthy, 15-minute workout. Do this workout three times a week and you will feel your heart getting stronger. You’ll basically be a superhero.

The same routine can go for swimming, hiking, dancing, rowing, and more. (Think of hiking as nature’s stairs.) Over time, you can increase your repetitions or add a weighted vest or weighted anklets. For example, 10 HIIT bursts will give you an extraordinary 30-minute workout.

The benefits don’t stop there.  HIIT also helps you  gain muscle and increase your metabolism.

For workouts, suggestions and additional information, visit CentreSpringMD’s  Interval Training board on Pinterest.

Interval Training for Heart Health

Want to learn some interesting facts about interval training and heart health?

  • In one study, researchers concluded that a 6-week program of both moderate and heavy intensity interval training reduced carotid arterial stiffness and improved heart rate dynamics in both groups (2).
  • Physical activity should be promoted as someone’s first line of defense against cardiovascular disease, over any drug (3).
  • Exercise intensity proved to be an important factor in proper vascular functioning and overall quality of life in patients with heart failure (4).

Natural Weight Loss Support from CentreSpringMD

Unfortunately, interval training will not magically shed body fat. Just as with supplements, you need to do your part as well for natural weight loss.

Remember, your diet should include eating nutrient-rich meals full of protein, fat, and fiber. Reduce your sugar intake and avoid processed foods as well. What you put into your body can affect your mood, sleep, and digestive health.

Weight gain is easy, but losing weight can be much harder. With the right tools and an expert to provide medical advice, natural weight loss is obtainable.

At CentreSpringMD, Atlanta’s premier integrative health and wellness center, we create individualized treatment plans and therapies for each patient.

Book an in-person appointment or virtual consult today to get started on your natural weight loss journey for heart health.


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