IV Vitamin Therapy Benefits for the Winter Season

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Paired with less sunlight, people become less active and lazy and spend more time in the home and away from pure vitamin D. Therefore, many of us do not get enough of the essential nutrients our bodies need. 

CentreSpringMD is the Atlanta area’s premier center for vitamin drip treatment. Our integrative primary care physicians offer their expert medical advice on why vitamin treatments may be exactly what your body needs in the winter.

IV Vitamin Therapy

What exactly are vitamin drips?

  • Powerful and healthy doses of nutrients delivered directly into the bloodstream through an IV
  • Customized mixtures of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals

IV Vitamin Therapy Benefits

The most popular and well-known vitamin drip is the Myers Cocktail named after Dr. John Myers. A combination of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C has proven effective in the recovery from numerous health conditions (1).

The integrative doctors at CentreSpringMD believe that wintertime is the true test of how well IV vitamin therapy benefits the body. Listed below, are the most effective treatments to get during the winter season.

  • Cold and flu buster
  • Boosts immune system with a combination of vitamin C, zinc, and other nutrients
  • Helps fight off the common cold, flu, and other viruses
  • Vitamin C drips have been proven effective to fight off free radicals, thereby combating fatigue, cancer, and infections (2).
  • Recharge drip
  • Increases energy levels
  • Powerful dose of vitamin C mixed with a Myers Cocktail
  • Vitamin C drips have been proven effective in Covid-19 treatment (3).
  • Beauty drip
  • Powerful dose of antioxidants

Sometimes, can you feel winter and its effects on your skin? Then, book a Beauty Drip session now. 

  • Luscious locks drip
  • Infusion of antioxidants, zinc, biotin, and more

When a beauty drip isn’t what you need to feel like yourself, give your hair the best holiday gift of all. Book an IV luscious locks drip this winter.

  • Weight loss drip
  • Strong dose of L-carnitine along with other nutrients helps your digestive tract metabolize foods faster and increases energy

Have holiday gatherings left you feeling bloated and out of your body? Schedule a weight loss drip today to get back to your normal self.

*One 30-minute visit for an IV vitamin drip can provide up to three full weeks of health benefits.

IV Vitamin Therapy Near Me

Have you been feeling sluggish, dull, and not like yourself because of cold, short days? Maybe IV vitamin therapy benefits are just what your mind, body, and spirit need this winter season.

Speaking with an integrative physician at CentreSpringMD can put you on the track to greatness with any one of our effective IV drip treatments. Book an IV vitamin therapy appointment now before winter gets the best of you.


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