Meet Rosi Patel – Our New Family Nurse Practitioner!

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Rosi Patel joined CentreSpringMD in January 2017 as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Her friends and family know her as a peacemaker and a natural caregiver. Therefore, becoming a nurse made the most sense to her. Before joining us, Rosi worked as a trauma/emergency room nurse for 8 years. Get to know Rosi as we welcome her to the Center!

How did you become interested in becoming a nurse practitioner in the integrative field?

As a nurse, I always treated my patients holistically and wanted to continue that approach as a provider. I became interested in integrative medicine when I found myself having adrenal fatigue symptoms. I was a nurse working long shifts and busy hours. During the past couple of years, I went back for my Master’s degree and integrative health education while I was working full time. Anyone that works while in school can understand the stress level associated with this.

I wasn’t sleeping well, often felt nauseous, and had extreme fatigue. I couldn’t have this – I had things to do! I went to my doctor and was told everything was normal and there was nothing wrong with me. I didn’t feel normal, so I saw a functional medicine provider.

This is where I found out I had a gut-hormone dysfunction. My cortisol (stress hormone) was low in the morning and spiked in the evening when the ER was the busiest. I had a circadian rhythm issue and my adrenal function was poor. As I learned more about stress reduction at the University of Arizona, I added more calming activities such as yoga and meditation into my routine. I supplemented with a methylated B complex knowing I had a MTHFR gene mutation. (Look out for my next blog regarding MTHFR and why taking a regular B complex may not be the right choice for you!)

I also supplemented with ashwaghanda, an ayurvedic supplement that is warming to the body and helps with adrenal dysfunction. In addition, I changed my diet by reducing sugar, increasing protein, and adding more healthy fats. After continuing this lifestyle, I finally got my life back!

What do you want to accomplish through patient care at the Centre?

I realized at this point that the integrative model and functional medicine truly works. Joining CentreSpringMD will allow me to practice medicine the way I want to and give patients the treatment they deserve. I want to treat problems by going down to the pathophysiology of the body, or the root problem. My goal is to help create equilibrium in the body, and to educate and support my patients so they too can lead healthy and optimal lives.

What’s one health tip for women that you think every woman show know?

One health tip I would like to share is the power of mindful living. Be mindful of your choices, body, and thoughts throughout your day. This is the only way I could make lifestyle changes and stick with them during my healing journey. It truthfully is the best health insurance you can have!

How do you spend your time when you’re not at the Center?

In my leisure time, I try to participate in self -care activities. Either through a quick yoga session, going to a sauna, or taking a warm Epsom salt bath, I am in bliss! I also enjoy doing anything that makes me use my creative side, watching movies, volunteering in the community, travelling with my husband, and having game nights.



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