Meet Stephanie Finn, MS, RN, CPNP

Today we’re sitting down with the most recent provider to join our team, Stephanie Finn, MS, RN, CPNP . We’re excited for you to get to know her a little better!

Stephanie, can you tell us about your background, and what made you want to become a nurse practitioner?

My mom tells me that from a very early age I expressed the desire to become a nurse. I was always attempting to nurse things back to health, starting with plants, animals, and eventually children–today practicing as a pediatric nurse practitioner. This became even more of a passion in my teens, when I began volunteering in a children’s hospital where my cousin spent much time fighting cystic fibrosis. I spent many years working as an RN with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, learning new things each day and having amazing experiences caring for children and their families. While I love being an RN, my desire to learn more and continually improve my skill set led me to pursue graduate studies and obtain pediatric nurse practitioner certification. This has granted me a more in depth understanding of child development and medical care for the pediatric population. It is a joy to learn and I intend to pursue even more specialized education in the future. Through continuing medical and professional organizations and working with the talented staff at The Atlanta Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine, I am able to stay on the cutting edge of integrative and functional medicine and apply this to pediatrics.

Can you tell us more about how The Atlanta Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine is growing pediatrics, and what new services you’ll offer?

We are certainly growing! I am working in collaboration with Dr. Taz and our team to provide routine pediatric well checks incorporating guidelines and screenings recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. What makes our approach unique is our specialty of holistic and integrative medicine woven into our well checks.

In many pediatric offices there is little time to discuss wellness, exercise, nutrition, development, etc. We are different – it’s our priority! We focus on how to help children stay well and grow into healthy adults. We tackle health issues keeping in mind the body’s incredible ability to heal under the right conditions–and we utilize integrative testing that is specific to the patient’s needs instead of lumping every child’s condition into the same category. What works well for one child may not work well for another.

We are also offering specialized nutritional testing, seeing children for sick visits and, coming soon, more biofeedback and energy medicine tailored to children!

What do you want to accomplish through patient care at ACHIM?

I want to be an advocate and problem solver for parents who are struggling to get to the root cause of their children’s health issues. I want to help make conditions more manageable in a safe way that reduces the likelihood of troublesome side effects in the future. It is highly important for me to ensure that children receive the most safe, comprehensive, evidence-based care that nurtures not only physical, but emotional and spiritual health as well. It is easy in our busy modern lives to lose sight of what matters most – we all have battles to overcome. I make it a priority to be mindful and supportive of this as I interact with patients and their families, as well as in my own life. Many of them are dealing with issues which completely zap them of their energy and positive outlook. I want to create treatment plans that benefit the child and the entire family as a result.

Can you give us one tip that will help our kids stay healthy during cold and flu season?

Probably the oldest tip for flu prevention – frequent hand washing! Many parents have specific supplements they like to use, and these can be of some benefit, but it is essential to get back to the basics and not to forget this line of defense. Have your children sing a fun song such as Yankee-Doodle when hand washing to allow enough time for a good scrub.

Support your child’s immune system through proper sleep and nutrition. It’s easy to over do sugar this time of year–limit sugar intake as too much can weaken the body’s ability to fight infection. Keep nutrient-dense foods a priority in the diet and, if possible, aim for a moderate amount of sun exposure.

I know you enjoy doing volunteer work. Can you tell us a little about that?

Yes! I have been on medical missions in South America with Operation Smile and Milagros Para Ninos, and I really enjoyed working with underserved populations. I also spent summers volunteering as supervising RN with Camp Courage at Camp Twin Lakes. Here I witnessed many children with chronic and preventable health issues on top of genetic defects and, desiring to become part of the solution, I turned my focus to preventative and holistic care.

How do you spend your time when you’re not at ACHIM?

Other than reading and studying (a little nerdy, I know) my husband and I enjoy spending time together cooking, watching comedies, being amused by our adopted cat, seeing new photography and art, being outdoors–and anytime I can spend time riding or just being around horses is wonderful.

I love to visit my family who lives near Pensacola Beach. I have a huge family filled with lots of cousins and children!

What are you most excited about in 2015?

My husband and I are also excitedly expecting our first child this Spring!

That is very exciting! Thanks so much for sharing with us Stephanie! We are so glad you’re part of our team!

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