Established CentreSpringMD pediatric patients, and patients who renew after their one year contract expires, will receive $25 off their monthly membership price.

The After 5 Wellness Membership includes the following:

  • 1 New Patient Visit, $375 value, We love new patient appointments because we get to know you and your child! This thorough appointment includes nearly 1-hour with your child’s provider, pH testing, 1 Zyto scan and Meridian testing (non-invasive diagnostics), nutrition and lab recommendations, plus a customized treatment plan. You’ll leave with more information than you’ve likely ever received about your child’s health and be equipped with his/her treatment plan.
  • 2 Visits (well-check, follow-up or sick), $250 value, We follow the AAP guidelines for annual well-checks for your child and can also fill-out school physical forms at the time of their visit. For some children, we will schedule a follow-up visit shortly after the new patient appointment to review lab results, revisit the treatment plan and discuss initial progress.
  • 2 Phone/Video Follow-ups, $120 value, We understand that your growing child has a busy schedules, and it’s hard for them to miss school and after-school commitmnts. That’s why we offer you phone and Skype appointments to get problems and questions addressed in an efficient manner, while still connecting with you in a personal way!
  • Nutritional Consult w/ Registered Dietician, $225 value, Nutrition is incredibly important, and we aren’t just talking about blanket rules or diets. With us, your child’s treatment plan will be evaluated by our registered dietician, and she will tailor recommendations based upon your child’s biotype and needs! You’ll also receive incredible resources on meal ideas, recipes and suggestions for helping your child to make positive changes!
  • 1 Energetic Diagnostic Testings- Zyto (non–invasive), $125 value, Unlike standard pediatric practitioners, our team pulls from multiple systems of medicine including conventional, integrative, functional, holistic, and Chinese medicine. These two tests are simple, non-invasive tests, and allow your child’s provider to gain a deeper understanding of his/her biotype  and what the body needs to function at its optimal level.
  • Sports Optimization, $125 value, Learn the chemistry behind sports performance and receive a plan and set of recommendations, tailored to your child’s needs, that will help optimize physical fitness.
  • Comprehensive Development/Sensory Screen $79
  • Anxiety, Depression Prevention Screen and/or Treatment plan, $49 value, We recognize that anxiety and depression is growing among young, school-aged children. Part of our role as your health team is to identify early-signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression through in-depth questioning and evaluation.  Though prevention is key, we also work to help get your child specialized treatment when necessary. We believe in treating anxiety and depression from the inside out and take a “whole body approach” to get your child on a journey of  lasting healing.
  • Email access to your provider, Every parent has questions about their child’s health, and that’s why we offer you unprecedented access to your provider (via email), so you can get quick answers to your questions.
  • CentreSpringMD ClassPass $60 value per month, From how to use essential oils to packing a “winning” lunch for your child, we offer classes each month to help equip you with the BEST health tips and ideas for your family! Enjoy free access with your membership.
  • Call Service (after hours call line), Reach our team after the office is closed with more emergent and “in the moment" health care questions concerning your child that just can’t wait. We’ll provide you with recommendations over the phone, and/or help you make an informed decision about when to seek emergency room care.
  • Vaccine Counseling, We will present to you the recommended timeline, and then listen to your concerns and preferences for your child.
  • Discount on Supplements, Members will enjoy 15% off all supplement purchases for the entirety of their membership!