The Counseling includes the following:

Are you struggling with life’s demands, and feel that you have nowhere to turn? Maybe you are having marital problems, but you want to work through them together. There might be a history of substance abuse, and you’ve found that you need additional support in your journey to recovery. At CentreSpring MD, we know that various seasons of life require an objective ear to help process what you might be going through. Whether you are experiencing stress, having difficulty during an important transition in life, or wanting to feel more connected to those around you, a counseling session could be beneficial.

Our licensed associate counselor, Molly Grady, can help you work through a challenging situation, and move towards a life of strength and total well-being. Together, Molly will work through challenges in your life with you, and how to move past them, so that you may feel whole and happy once again. Molly specializes in stress and anxiety, Brain Spotting, couples therapy and addiction recovery. Her one-hour counseling session includes adult, individual and couples counseling.

60-min Session: $150 $130

Package of 3 Sessions: $400 $370