We take a team approach and our members see more than just one provider during their health journey with us! Membership affords patients with unprecedented access to our providers, and the best integrative primary care available!

The Existing Patient Membership includes the following:

3 Follow-up Visits Whether you are working on a closely-monitored specific health issue or just need to come back in to review your labs and tweak your treatment plan, the follow-up appointment is designed to keep your care progressing in the right direction!

2 Sick Visits We take it very seriously when you tell us you aren’t feeling well, and do our best to get you in with one of our providers as quickly as possible! Our compassionate team will diagnosis what is going on, and clearly communicate the best treatment plan to get you back on your feet and thriving!

Personal Health Coach Taking your care a step further, we assign you with a personal health coach after your visit! You’ll kick-off your health journey with the option of sitting down or having a 30-minute phone consult with your coach and continuing with unlimited email access throughout the year. Your coach will help you navigate your treatment plan and provide you with all the best resources to achieve lasting results.

Visit with Registered Dietician (30-minute appointment) By meeting with one of our registered dieticians, you’ll find out in greater detail how food impacts your health, weight, energy, sleep and more! This meeting will take your provider’s diet recommendations for you a step further, plus, you’ll get so many great ideas for where and how to eat healthy—even with a busy lifestyle!

3 Spa Treatments or 3 IV Therapies or Injectables (60-minute massage or facial) Stress management plays an important role in your health picture, and that's why Dr. Taz MD, launched CentreSpring MD + Spa. Your membership includes your choice of either 3 facials, massages or a combination of both mix (3 total services per calendar year). Come and relax with us, and let our talented therapists and estheticians care for you! You can also choose to use this towards IV Therapy or a vitamin injection.**

In Body Assessment This machine is Hollywood’s choice for body weight evaluation! The InBody Test provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance. Our providers understand that body water, proteins, minerals, and body fat, all closely relate to the status of our health. This machine is incredible and will tell your provider valuable information to help form your treatment plan.

Eastern Diagnostic Tests: These non-invasive scans take approximately 30-minutes of time to complete, and each one gives your provider a deeper understanding of how your body and organ systems are functioning.
Tests include:

  • Acugraph
  • Biopulsar
  • Zyto Scan

Unlimited Email Access to Providers  Every patient has questions about their care at some point, and that’s why we offer you unprecedented access to your provider (via email), so you can get quick answers to your questions (allowing 48-business-hours for a response).

CentreSpring MD ClassPass From how to use essential oils to healing your thyroid, we offer classes each month to help equip you with the BEST health tips and ideas for you and your family! Enjoy free access with your membership.    

Discount on Supplements, Members will enjoy 15% off all supplement purchases for the entirety of their membership!

*all lab fees separate

**IV therapy includes up to 5g of glutathione/vitamin C or a Meyers cocktail