The Use of Natural Antihistamines in Integrative Holistic Medicine

As reported by the team of holistic practitioners at CentreSpringMD, natural antihistamines have been prominent in holistic medicine, dating back millennia, due to the foundation of healing sans drugs. The 20th century birthed the evolution of integrative and functional medicine, which combines holistic practices and treatments with modern medicine (1).

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What makes integrative holistic medicine so innovative is that it can be incorporated with other branches of medicine to create a customized treatment plan and aims to treat the root cause of illness vs. symptom management. Let’s explore why the use of natural antihistamines is such a big part of integrative holistic medicine and review the most common solutions recommended by doctors.

Natural Antihistamines

  • Acupuncture

For a long-term solution to allergies, regular acupuncture has been known in Chinese medicine to strengthen the body’s Qi energy (2). Specifically, the use of tiny, thin horizontal needles lightly pricked into the skin for a short period can help support your organs.

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  • Quercetin (a supplement)

Quercetin is a natural plant compound and flavonoid that helps to reduce inflammation. This is the most common natural antihistamine in supplement form that you can take for allergy relief. Quercetin plays a big role in integrative & holistic medicine because of how easy it is to find in many foods (3).

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  • Stinging nettle tea

Integrative holistic doctors encourage the consumption of stinging nettle tea because of its medicinal oils. The extraction of stinging nettles has been proven to reduce inflammation in patients with allergic rhinitis (4).

  • Saline irrigation; nasal rinse (neti pot)

Rinsing out each nostril with a saline solution has become very popular in recent years to relieve congestion from allergic rhinitis. A saline solution works as a great natural antihistamine to remove allergens and mucus from the nasal passageways (5). When doing this, use only distilled water and iodine-free, preservative-free, and anti-caking salt (6).

  • Probiotics (pills or consuming probiotic-rich foods and beverages)

Taking a daily probiotic supplement can be used as a natural antihistamine to reduce inflammation. Similarly, honey, Greek yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, and other fermented foods naturally rich in probiotics are natural antihistamines. It is the rich source of lactic acid bacteria in fermented foods that relieves inflammation and other symptoms of allergic rhinitis (7).

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