10 Mental Health Activities to Do With Your Children

10 Mental Health Activities you can Do With Your Children

10 Simple Actions for Optimal Health

10 Strategies to Address ADHD Without Medication

12 Natural Antibacterial Things to Help You Stay Well This Winter

14 Best Brain Boosting Foods for Kids: Improve Growth & Development Now

2021 Health Checkup: Integrated Women’s and Men’s Health in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and Beyond

4 Benefits of Insulin Sensitivity, and How to Improve Yours

4 Ways to Boost Your Mood by Increasing Your Love Hormone

5 Superfood Seeds for Better Brain Health

6 Evidence-Based Methods to Increase Testosterone Naturally

6 Steps to Boost Your Immune System with Functional Medicine in Atlanta

7 Key Foods for Brain Health

Acupuncture – What It Is, How It’s Used, & Side Effects

Alzheimer’s & Neurodegenerative Diseases May Actually Start in the Gut

Are You Really Healthy? Getting the Right Functional Lab Tests

Autoimmune Flare-ups: 11 Natural Ways to Manage Your Symptoms

B Vitamins: The Micronutrient Elixir for Life Your Cells Are Missing

Back to School: Maximize Your Child’s Brain Health with Functional Medicine

Back-to-School Healthy Toolkit

Banish Dry Winter Skin: The Best Winter Skincare Routine

Beating Seasonal Depression with Functional Medicine

Breast Cancer Prevention Using Functional Medicine

Causes of ADHD in Children & Adults: Diet, Chemistry, and Environment

COVID-19 Anxiety: 5 Ways You Can Rise Above

Do Allergies Trigger Autoimmune Disease?

Does My Child Have Anxiety? | Signs + Symptoms of Anxiety in Children

Does My Child Have Sensory Processing Disorder?

Dysbiosis: Is SIBO the Missing Link to IBS & IBD?

Early Onset Dementia is On the Rise: Protect Your Brain with Alzheimer’s Support

Electrosensitivity: Do EMFs from your devices make you sick?

Endometriosis 101: The Mystery Diagnosis

Estrogen Metabolism + Detoxification: Reduce Breast Cancer Risk with Healthy Estrogen Levels

Fertility 101: Root Causes and Holistic Solutions

Fight Fibromyalgia with Integrative Family Medicine

Healthy Halloween: How to Avoid Sugar Overload

High Stress Hormones: Cortisol + HPA Axis Dysfunction

Holistic Living for a Better Brain: Optimize Learning & Memory

Holistic Mental Health Modifications Recommended if You’re Dealing with Depression & Anxiety

Holistic Skincare: Best Diet Changes for Healthy Skin

How a Holistic Primary Care Doctor Helps the Whole Family

How to Be Smarter, Happier, and Overcome Fatigue by Biohacking Your Brain

How to Boost Your Family’s Immune System to Avoid the Flu

How to Define Obesity? Get Help from a Holistic Doctor in Atlanta

How to Tell the Difference Between Allergies and COVID-19

How Viruses and the Flu Affect Autoimmune Diseases

Integrative Medical Center: Tips For A Healthy Heart

Integrative Medicine for Low Testosterone: Is TRT right for me?

Integrative OB/GYN: Eat More Protein for a Healthy Pregnancy

Irregular Period? 10 Evidence-Based Ways to Help Regulate Your Cycles

Is Epstein-Barr Virus Reactivation the Underlying Cause of Your Fatigue?

Is IV Therapy Just a Trend?

Lyme Disease: Signs, Treatment with an Integrative Family Doctor

Managing Chronic Disease with Functional Medicine

Men and Women: 10 Important Health Checks You Need in Your 40s

Men: How to Approach Your 6 Worst Health Problems

NAC: The Incredible Amino Acid for Your Lungs, Liver, and Longevity

New Clues About Alzheimer’s Risk

Nurturing Holistic Mental Health for Children

Preparing for Cold & Flu Season with Integrative Medicine

Preventing Osteoporosis: Is a Calcium Supplement All You Need?

Probiotic Gut Bacteria Change Behavior in Your Child | Holistic Pediatrics

Quick & Healthy Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

Real Nutrition for Healthy Kids

Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease with Integrative Medicine

Reduce Your Skin Cancer Risk: Sun Protection and SPF Guide

Signs & Symptoms of High Functioning Anxiety

Start Fresh With a Spring Detox

Summer Wellness Checklist: 6 Ways to Stay Healthy & Happy

Supplement Spotlight: Berberine for Weight Loss, Fertility, Metabolic Health, and More

Take Back Control of Your Family’s Health with Personalized Integrative Family Medicine

The 7 Best Essential Oils to Relieve Children’s Allergy Symptoms

The 8 Best Supplements to Boost the Immune System: Adaptogens, Minerals, and Amino Acids

The Bad Habits You’ve Picked up During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Barriers to Weight Loss You Must Address First

The Benefits of Magnesium for Mood + Mental Health

The Benefits of Quercetin & Other Natural Antihistamines

The Best Immune Supplements to Stock up on (Before Cold & Flu Season)

The Best Women’s Healthcare: Why You Should See a Holistic OB/GYN in Atlanta

The Functional Medicine Approach to Minimizing COVID-19 Spread Over the Holidays

The Functional Medicine Guide to Protecting Yourself from Lyme Disease

The Functional Medicine Guide to Seasonal Allergies

The Integrative Medical Center Approach to Anxiety and Depression

The Integrative Medicine Guide to Infertility

The Integrative Medicine Guide to Perimenopause

The Keto Diet: A Functional Guide to Low-Carb Eating

The Keto Diet: A Functional Guide to Low-Carb Eating

The Link Between ADHD + Anxiety: How They’re Connected, What It Means for You

The Link Between Toxic Burden and Immune Health: Boost Your Immune System by Reducing Toxins

The Spread of Coronavirus: How to Protect Yourself

The Truth About Cholesterol + 4 Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Top 10 Best Natural Supplements for Weight Loss

Vitamin D Deep Dive: Why Your Immune System Isn’t Protected

Weight Loss the Integrative Medicine Way at CentreSpringMD

What Causes PANS/PANDAS and Why Are Cases Increasing?

What Do Moms Need the Most? Their Mental Health

What is Endometriosis?

What is Holistic Dermatology?

What is PANS/PANDAS? Ask a Holistic Pediatrician!

What is PCOS? Integrative Therapies and Improving Fertility

What Tryptophan Really Does, and How It’s Helping Scientists Better Understand Depression

Why Am I Gaining Weight? Summer Weight Gain + How to Lose It Fast

Why You Should See a Holistic Medicine Doctor | Build Your Personalized Power Rx

Will Post COVID-19 Syndrome Be Our ‘New Normal’?

6 New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

Holistic, Integrative, & Functional Medicine

Difference Between Naturopathic & Holistic Medicine

Travel Health: Your Guide To Healthy Pre And Post Travel

Peak Health Retreat with Dr. Taz: Prioritizing your health in 2020

Defining Holistic and Integrative Medicine in Our World

What is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy & What Are Its Benefits

Hormone Replacement: A Holistic Guide

What is a HydraFacial & What Are the Benefits?

How to Know if You Have Crohn’s Disease or Colitis – And How to Treat Them

How to Treat Autoimmune Diseases Holistically with Buckhead Functional Medicine

Holistic Family Doctor Guide for Improving Gut Health

How to Find a Functional Medical Doctor

What is Holistic Pediatrics & How is it Different?

Benefits of IV Drip Therapy

What Foods Help with Hormonal Acne?

5 Signs & Symptoms of Thyroid Problems in Females

What Causes Poor Absorption of Nutrients?

What is the Fastest Way to Heal Leaky Gut?

Hashimoto’s Syndrome – Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

Back to School Hot Tips

Get to Know Our New Esthetician

Is it ADHD or just an energetic kid?

Natural Ways to Treat and Prevent Breast Cancer

PANDAS: What is it and how does it affect your child?

7 Signs of Low Progesterone

How to Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Facts You Should Know About This Year’s Flu Season

10 Signs You May Have Estrogen Dominance

The Do’s and Don’ts of Intermittent Fasting

4 Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

4 Things Antibiotics Do To Your Child

4 Tips to Take Care of Your Body During Menopause

Three Steps to Balance Hormones Naturally

5 Surprising Reasons You’re Always Tired

Top 5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods + Anti-Inflammatory Diet

3 Reasons Calorie Counting is Ineffective for Weight Loss

5 Natural Eczema Remedies for Your Kids

7 Ways to Boost Energy Naturally

5 Ways Toxins Affect Your Weight + Solutions

5 Surprising Reasons You’re Always Tired + Solutions

The One Thing your Teen Needs Before College

5 Tips to Prevent Work Burnout

3 Ways to Get Slim by Summer

5 Tips for the Best Brain Health

Get Fit for Summer for FREE!

6 Tips for Breastfeeding Successfully

Prepping for Spring Allergies Naturally

Spring Cleaning: Why You Need to Go Green

MTHFR in Children: What is it and what can we do?

The Pediatric Guide to Essential Oils

Our Holistic Spa: Why We’re Different

Boost Your Energy: Claim Your Free B12 Shot Now!

7 Natural Remedies for Kids’ Allergies

Heavy Metals and Your Health

Newborn Baby Care 101

Hacks to Get Your Kid to Eat More Veggies from a Health Coach

5 Ways to Detox Your Liver

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps (+ Real & Fake Lamps)

The Future of Pediatric Wellness Visits:  Your CentreSpringMD Well-Check

5 Benefits of a Tui Na Massage

ADHD: The Complete Approach

ADHD: The Complete Approach

What to Look for in OTC Medicine for Your Child

CBD Oil: What You Need to Know

5 Greens You Need to Be Eating STAT & Why

5 Foods that Improve Heart Health

Childhood Obesity Causes + 4 Solutions

Goal Setting: Create a Plan that Works for You

Which Detox is Right for You? The Right & Wrong Way to Detox

5 Ways to Control Your Hunger Hormone with Functional Medicine

3 Tips for Setting Realistic Goals

How to Kick Sugar to the Curb (For You and Your Kids!)

What is PANDAS? Our nurse shares her personal experience.

Optimize the New Year by Starting with a Detox

Natural Fat Burners & Dangers of Fat Loss Supplements

Book Release Celebration with Gedalia Genin

Get to Know Whitney Barnhart: Our New Esthetician!

3 Tips to Stop Overeating

Recognizing Thyroid Problems in Kids

Bad Mood Foods: Yes, Food Affects Your Mood!

Autism Spectrum Disorder and CranioSacral Therapy

5 Tips for Parents of Kids with Food Allergies

Best Foods and Supplements for Pregnancy

5 Easy Immune Boosting Tips for Winter

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) & Holistic Solutions

Holistic Spa Specials for the Holidays

Top 5 Fermented Foods for Gut Health

Calming Morning Ritual

How to Heal When You Have to Take an Antibiotic

Combat the Winter Blues

Winter Immune Boost for Kids

Preventing Folate Deficiency on a Gluten Free Diet

How to Stay on Track this Season

Benefits of a Grain-Free Diet

PCOS: Causes and Integrative Treatment

Eating for Your Ayurvedic Body Type

Healthy Fall Snacking Ideas and Tips

Holiday Health Tips from Fitness & Nutrition Experts

How to Look & Feel Good During the Holidays

Adrenal Fatigue: Signs, Symptoms, and How to Heal

Symptoms of Candida and 6 Natural Remedies

5 Holistic Kid Headache Remedies

Experience A CranioSacral Therapy Session

Holistic Brain Health: ADHD and Omega 3s

Dyspepsia in Your Teen & Natural Treatments

Holistic Tips to Handle Stress

Breast Cancer: An Integrative Approach

Why Facials Benefit Your Health

Flu Season: What You Need to Know

Glutamine: The Powerful Amino Acid for the Gut

Microneedling October Special

Microneedling: Dr. Taz MD’s Secret Weapon

Flu Season Prep for Your Child

Ayurveda: Misconceptions & Answers from an Expert

How to Curb Those Sweet, Salty & Fried Foods Cravings

3 Ways to Ease Teething Symptoms

Prepping Your Child for Flu Season

Autoimmune Disease: How to Heal Naturally

Benefits of a Health Coach

Vitamins for Kids: What’s Really Necessary?

Health Benefits of Dancing

Three Holistic Tips for Dealing with Negative Emotions

Why You Need a Prebiotic

3 Steps Every Skin Care Routine Needs

The Ketogenic Diet: Part 2

How Do I Know if I Have a Food Intolerance?

An Integrative Approach to Erectile Dysfunction

Back to School with Dr. Jamilet MD & Landria

Two Must Have Leaky Gut Meal Ideas

How I Put My Autoimmune Disease in Remission Through Integrative Medicine

5 Ways to Help Get your Child in a Routine Again

An Approach to ADHD with Integrative Medicine in Atlanta

Treating Migraines with Acupuncture

Not Your Mama’s Well Check

Top 5 Eminence Products

4 Ways to Optimize Your Child’s Athletic Performance

The Ketogenic Diet: What you Need to Know

Should I Be on This Diet? Breaking Down Trends

Get to Know Christina Grace, FNP-C

Spider Bites: Symptoms, Natural Prevention & Treatment

Back to School: Bridging the Gap Between Health and Education

Get to Know Ginny Streib

8 Reasons to Consider IV Vitamin Therapy + Injectables

The Importance of an Organic Diet in Autoimmune Disease

Seven Great Reasons to Hire a Doula

Quotient System Testing for ADHD

Perform: Sports Readiness for Back to School

Zinc Deficiency in Men

Get to Know Molly Grady

Brain Health for Kids with Dr. Jamilet MD

How to Recognize Depression in Your Teens

The Truth About Fats

Why Should I Test My Hormones Every Year?

Answers on Acupuncture

Understanding Antibiotic Resistance

Tips for Healthy Summer Skin

Get to Know Landria Voigt

Three Ways to Get Out of Your Own Head

Summer Smoothie for Kids

Spa & Beauty Products We Believe In

Why Everyone is Talking About MTHFR & What You Should Know!

Want a New Head Coach?

Leaky Gut with Landria Voigt

Ayurveda 101 with Gedalia Genin: June

Meet Rosi Patel – Our New Family Nurse Practitioner!

Book Your Ultrasound Today!

Summer Safety for Kids

Essential Oils Not to Use in the Sun

Mother’s Day Spa Special

Referral Program

Get to Know Dr. Jamilet MD

4 Reasons You Need InBody

Get to Know Dr. Taz MD

Sodium: Is it Good or Bad?

Dr. Jamilet MD at Whole Foods Johns Creek: Natural Allergy Solutions

Spring Consult & Facial | $50 OFF

Ayurveda 101 with Gedalia Genin: April

Canceled: Fertility Night with Dr. Taz MD

New Product Alert: Kneipp

Alternate Routes to CentreSpringMD

Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

Integrative Allergy Tips for the Family

Meet Dr. Lehine DO

Mood Disorders: A Health Class for Women

Gut-Brain Connection

BLOWOUT Microneedling Special

3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Allergy Prevention with Dr. Jamilet MD + Dr. Lehine DO

The Many Faces of Thyroid Disease

3 Unique Ways to Connect with Your Child

Two Locations for IV Therapy and Lab Draws!

3 Ways to Promote Heart Health at an Early Age

FLASH SALE: $25 Off First Acupuncture Treatment

HUGE Valentine’s Day Special

An Evening on Thyroid Health with Dr. Taz MD + Dr. Lehine DO

Allergy Busting with Oils

Johns Creek Open House

Gentle Detox for Kids

3 Ways to Reset Your Family in the New Year with the Help of an Integrative Family Doctor

Happy New Year: 10% Off Online

15% Off Core Restore Liver Detox in January!

Grand Opening Event of CentreSpringMD + Peds!

Acupuncture Packages Available!

$25 Off Holistic Stress Management Therapy

Spa Holiday Specials

Meet & Greet: Our New Pediatrician

4 Ways to Improve your Fat Digestion and Absorption

7 Ways to Reduce Colic: a Holistic Approach

Quick Liver Detox

Holistic Approach to Fighting Inflammation

Why Integrative and Functional Medicine

Best Ways to Boost Immunity in Kids

Spotting Nutritional Deficiencies in Your Child

When to Bring My Sick Child In

Breaking Down B Vitamins & Understanding B12

Save on Brain Boosting Products for Managing ADHD

Meet Margot Witteveen, Registered Dietician

Dr. Taz’s Summer Smoothie with Apple Cider Vinegar

Save This June on Acupuncture, Marma, Massage & More!

4 Quick Tips for a Healthy Summer

Holistic Methods for Battling Cellulite

Inflammation-Fighting Foods

Introduction to Shirodhara

Mother’s Day Spa Specials

A Chinese Medicine Approach to Fertility

Understanding the Power of Ayurveda

Hydrafacial Treatment

Probiotics 101

Adrenal Dysfunction—Is this YOUR Issue? 

Is Sitting Killing You? Get Moving!

Hair Loss: Is What You’re Losing Normal?

Mindfulness 101: The Importance to Your Health

How Inflammation Wreaks Havoc on Health

Meet Christina Connors — Our New Family Nurse Practitioner!

Dr. Taz Debunks Weight-Loss Myths on Live with Kelly & Michael

MIND Games: Your Balanced Mind

Dr. Taz Featured on AMHQ Discuss Weather & Headaches

Atlanta & Co.: Dr. Taz talks Healthy Spices

Jump into Fitness this January—and STAY fit for 2016!

The Happy Belly: Do You Have a Leaky Gut?

Holiday Gifts for New Moms: What to Consider Before Buying

Resolutions Start Here: The 21-Belly Fix Program

What is Cupping Therapy?

What is a Fertility Massage?

Spa Specials: Holiday Party Prep

Giving the Gift of Health

Preventing Holiday Blues

What To Look For: Holistic Care For Your Child After Using A Doula Part 2/3

Healthy as a Pumpkin

Real Breast Cancer Prevention: Moving Beyond Mammograms

Along For The Ride: Embracing The Roller Coaster Of Motherhood Part 1/3

Now an IRB-Approved Research Clinic

AccentHealth: “Acupuncture and Cancer: How Alternative Therapy Can Help Breast Cancer Patients”

Be Our Guest! Free VIP Tickets to Southeastern Women’s Expo + Dr. Taz Keynote Address

Fall in Love with Your Skin

Eating for Estrogen + Breast Cancer Prevention

Qualifying Patients Can Register for Cannabidoil Medicine (Cannabis Oil)

Specials: Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Testing October 13th

Cold & Flu Season: Dr. Taz’s 5 Tips for an Immune System Boost

Digestive Health by Dr. Taz MD

Register for “The 21-Day Belly Fix” Program Starting Sept. 24

Introducing Our Integrative Spa Services

From Well Checks to PANDAS: Pediatrics at ACHIM

3 Tips for a Successful Start This School Year

A Biopulsar Snapshot

July 25: Back-to-School Health Bash

10 Ways to Keep Dad Heart Healthy

Looking for Fun in All the Right Places: 5 Atlanta Kid-Friendly Activities

Alternative Treatments For Crohn’s Disease and Colitis

Seeking Participants: New Research Study

2015 Atlanta Restaurant Guide

Specials: Treat Mom (or Yourself) to Relaxation!

From Dr. Taz MD: Our Spring Weight-Loss Options

A Balanced View of Essential Oils

‘The 21-Day Belly Fix’ Program: Spring Groups Forming

Juicing Foods for Allergy Season

Encourage Loved Ones to Get Screened for Cancer

Spring Gardening Prep: Producing Healthy and Healing Foods

Should You Let Your Baby Cry It Out?

Best Self Atlanta

Help for sleep-starved night shift workers

Save at Balance Yoga

14-Day Mind Body Detox E-Class

Bone Broth Soup

Dr. Taz Joins Doctors’ Panel on The Meredith Viera Show

9 Potential Benefits of Marma Chikitsa

New Patient Acupuncture Special

Is Your Heart Healthy?

Get Amazing Skin with this Hydrafacial Package

Fat Makes a Comeback

Atlanta 11 Alive Boost or Bust

Q & A With Kristin Corbin

Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Dark Chocolate Chip Granola Bar Recipe

Schedule Your Thermogram Today!

Fat is back! Health trends for 2015

January Nutrition Special: New Patient Nutrition Coaching Session with Jackie Dominas, Registered Dietitian

Open House

Last Chance to Schedule a Thermogram Before the End of the Year

December Special: Ayurvedic Sampler Package

The 21-Day Belly Fix Coaching Package

Q&A With Dr. Zach Cohen

Meet Dorian

Meet Jake

Meet Janet

Meet Myia

Boost Your Immune System Before Flu Season Hits

ACHIM July 2014 Newsletter

ACHIM June 2014 Newsletter

Do you have a Food Allergy or Intolerance? Take the Dr. Taz MD Quiz!

ACHIM May 2014 Newsletter

ACHIM April 2014 Newsletter

Colorectal Cancer: Prevention & Early Detection Saves Lives

Ask Dr. Taz: How Can I Get Ready For Skin-Baring Season Without Going Nuts?

Your Child’s Allergies

Eat For Allergy Relief!

ACHIM March 2014 Newsletter

Dr. Taz MD Featured On Dr. Oz: 7-Day Plan to Boost Your Energy

Spring is Almost Here So are Its Allergens

Redefining Healthy: Are You Really Healthy? The GET HEALTHY 2014 Test for Your Whole Family

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Interval Training for Heart Health

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Ten Tips for Stress

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: The Energy in Cooking for One

Get Heart Smart for Valentine’s Day

ACHIM February 2014 Newsletter

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Seeking Happiness

Get a Real Physical: What Your Doctor Should Be Checking

Chinese New Year 2014 – Year of the Horse

Ask Dr. Taz MD: Do Relaxation Drinks Live Up To The Hype?

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Anti-Aging Therapy

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Six Week Program, Reflection

AyurvedicTips and Reminders

ACHIM December 2013 Newsletter

Ask Dr. Taz: Do Energy Drinks Really Work?

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Focus On What Brings Joy

Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Inner Self, Essential Health

Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Healthy, Hearty Soup

Late Fall 2013 Newsletter

Tricks and Treats for a Healthy Halloween — and Holiday Season

Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Veggies

Dr. Taz Featured On The Today Show: 4 alternative ways to treat pain in feet, back, neck

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Nurture the Spirit

Action Call: Let’s Change American Medicine — Finding Hope by Living Healthy Naturally

Early Fall 2013 Newsletter

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Spiritual, Psychological, Physical Health

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Changing Seasons, Changing Habits

Ask Dr. Taz: Will Eating A Raw Diet Give Me More Energy?

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Sesame Oil

Staying Healthy with Acupuncture: Eczema

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Continued Education Fosters Growth

Late Summer 2013 Newsletter

Dr. Taz MD Wellness Solutions: Juicing for health

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Maintaining the Balance

Dr. Taz MD Wellness Solutions: Secrets For Seniors: Living Healthy Tips To Find Your Best Health, Beat Aging And Save Health Care Dollars

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Know, Then Do

Ask Dr. Taz: Do Natural Sleep Remedies Actually Work?

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Save the Biggest Meal for Lunch

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Cultivating Compassion Through Practice

Dr. Taz MD Wellness Solutions: Vitamins for Kids

Your Child’s Back-to-School Survival Guide

Dr. Taz MD Wellness Solutions: Natural ADHD Treatments for Children with ADHD

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Cucumber Gazpacho Recipe

The Wonder Of Watermelon (Xi Gua)

6 Foods Your Child Needs this School Year

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Natural Treatments and Remedies

Ask Dr. Taz MD: Is There Alternative Medicine For Prediabetes?

Headaches and Chinese Medicine

Obesity: American Disease, American Story

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Happiness Comes from OneSelf

The Talk Feature Dr. Taz MD: Love Your Age

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Tranquility in the Age of Distraction

Dr Taz MD Wellness Solutions: Natural cures for hot flashes

Dr. Taz MD Wellness Solutions Healthy Oils: Fat is good for you!

The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Finding Our Special Purpose

Ancient Healing and Modern Medicine: What is integrative medicine anyway?

Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Energy Takes Work

Dr. Taz MD Wellness Solutions Managing ADHD: Success depends on how well you understand your child’s biotype

ACHIM July Newsletter

Dr. Taz MD Wellness Solutions Sweet Independence: Declaring your independence from sugar

Understanding Immunity and Summer Colds from a Chinese Medicine Perspective

Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders: Stay Balanced

Ask Dr. Taz MD: How Can I Improve My Memory?

Slim Down By Summer

Ayurvedic Weekly Tips and Reminders: Kitchari

Tuesdays with Gedalia

Ayurvedic Weekly Tips and Reminders: Cucumbers

Ayurvedic Weekly Tips and Reminders: Levels of Consciousness

Relationship Between Genetics And Choices Crucial In Cancer Fight

Weekly Ayurvedic Tips

Ask Dr. Taz: What Can I Do About Menopausal Fatigue?

Dr. Gedaliah: Ayurvedic Weekly Tips and Reminders

Estrogen Dominance and Breast Cancer

75% of cancer is caused by diet and environmental factors. Take Dr. Taz’s quiz to determine your toxic load

Self Care- Cultivating Beauty Within

Ayurvedic Weekly Tips and Reminders

Changing Our Definition of Beauty

ACHIM May, 2013 Newsletter

How Can Mom Incorporate Healthier Practices into Her Life?

Happy Mother’s Day! The 5 best healthy gifts to give your mom this Mother’s Day

Spring Cleaning for the Mind, Body and Soul

What Doctors Eat: Food To Keep You Healthy

Ask Dr. Taz: Am I Tired All The Time Because Of My Thyroid?

Dr. Taz on Dr. Oz Show: The New Relaxation Drinks: Are They Safe?

ACHIM April, 2013 Newsletter

Ask Dr. Taz: Any Natural Remedies To Beat An Afternoon Slump?

ACHIM March, 2013 Newsletter

Ask Dr. Taz: How many of those “energy” supplements actually energize you?

Ask Dr. Taz: Why Does My Energy Level Go Up And Down?

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

ACHIM February, 2013 Newsletter

Dr. Taz on The Dr. Oz Show: All-Natural Appetite Suppressants

ACHIM Updates: January 16, 2013

Ask Dr. Taz: Why Am I Tired All The Time

Dr. Taz Book Excerpt: What Do Doctors Really Eat?

Dr. Taz on LIVE with Kelly and Michael: Kick Start the New Year

Dr. Taz Health Tips: Preventing the Cold and Flu at Work

Dr. Taz now a Prevention magazine Columnist

Dr. Taz on The Dr. Oz Show: Natural Ways to Never Get Sick Again

Dr. Taz on The Weather Channel: Best and Worst Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

Dr. Taz on The Weather Channel: How Not To Get Sick

Dr. Taz on The Weather Channel: Is It Cold or Flu

Dr. Taz On The TODAY Show – How to stay healthy this holiday season

Hydrafacial now at ACHIM!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. TAZ On The TODAY Show – Better Health Habits

10 Amazing Beauty Tricks With Coconut Oil

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia on The TODAY Show: 7 “healthy” habits that may actually hurt you

The Gut: The Key to Health?

Grand-Opening on October 4th: 1401 Dresden Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319

Alternative Options for Treating Cancer

The Infertility Epidemic

Dr. Taz on The TODAY Show Catching Zs: How to get the best night’s sleep

Dr. Taz on The TODAY Show: 6 ways to avoid harmful hospital mistakes

Gluten- The new Food Additive

IBS- New study shows link to Bacterial Overgrowth

ABC’s “The Revolution”: Dr. Bhatia on Importance of Women’s Health Screening

Dr. Bhatia on The Dr. Oz Show: Uncommon Cures for the Common Cold

Dr. Bhatia discusses Spring Allergies – Optimize for Allergies

Facial Rejuvenation through Cosmetic Acupuncture

Dr. Taz on The TODAY Show: Why do we get goose bumps?

Dr. Bhatia on CNN: Benefits of Massage

Modern Luxury Reprint – Doc Hollywood

Alternative Approaches to Gut Health

Breast Cancer Prevention

Sugar in Children’s Cereals

High Cholesterol…Are statins the only choice?

Dr. Taz on The TODAY Show: 5 reasons you may be tired

Alternative Approaches to Gut Health

FAQ: Breast Cancer Prevention

Dr. Bhatia on “The Dr. Oz Show”: Supplements to Survive Holiday Stress

Dr. Bhatia On Overusing Antibiotics With Kids

Dr. Bhatia on Pox Vaccine or Pox Party

Dr. Bhatia on Waiting Room Times Longer Based on Race

Dr. Bhatia On Kids Not Getting Enough Calcium

Dr. Bhatia With More Kids And Calcium Deficiency

Debate & Discussion: Buying Organic

Sustainable Health- Following the Path of Integrative Medicine

Breaking Health News

Breaking Health News

Tools You Can Use

Debate & Discussion: Food Allergies

Our Health-Our Future-Participate!

Evolving Therapies

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