What Doctors Eat

What Doctors Eat


The biggest misconception people have about doctors? That they know nothing about food and nutrition!

A first-of-its-kind diet that will help everyone get their healthiest body “ever” based on strategies from 65 of the country’s top doctors.

By Dr. Taz M.D.

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The fact is food has become an important part of medicine and Dr. Taz MD understands how diet, lifestyle and good habits can reduce your odds of developing a serious illness by 82 percent! In her book, What Doctors Eat, you’ll find the collective dietary wisdom of 65 leading physicians and other health experts.

They share the eating, exercise, and stress management advice they give to their patients and follow in their own lives along with their favorite healthy recipes. These dishes are packed with healing foods that are completely delicious.

As a nutrition expert and integrative physician Tasneem Bhatia, MD, compiled all the dietary advice and delicious recipes into one amazingly powerful 30-day diet plan. The Doctor’s Diet will help you drop pounds and put you on the road to a lifetime of perfect health. Loaded with real-word tips and easy, flavorful recipes–it’s like having a healthy eating coach on call 24/7.

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