A powerful vitamin blend to match your high-powered executive life!
Booster Shot by CentreSpringMD
Booster Shots are perfect when you’re in a rush and don’t have the time for an IV Drip. You can get a quick energy, beauty, or performance boost anytime! Our wide range of vitamin blends give you the best health and wellness support possible, in a fraction of the time so that you can take on your busy schedule.
Energy Booster Shot
This booster contains Methylated B12, which ready for your body to absorb so that you feel the maximum effects of a boosted immune system, giving you an increase of energy and focus.
Super Charge Booster Shot
If you’re looking for more than just a little energy, the Super Charge Booster Shot is for you. This combination of B Complex and B12 vitamins will rev up your entire system, giving you the energy and focus you need.
Weight Loss Booster Shot
Our Weight Loss Booster is specifically designed to help your body release fat, by targeting fatty deposits. The lipotropic substances in this booster help your liver remove fat, distributes cholesterol, and also aid in the breakdown of fatty tissue.
Vitamin C Booster Shot
Our Vitamin C Booster will help boost your immune system to fight off pesky colds and keep you feeling your best year-round.
Vitamin D Booster Shot
Maintain optimal bone health, regulate insulin levels, and support lung function and cardiovascular health with our Vitamin D Booster.
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Why continue trudging on, feeling like you’re running on empty?
Now, there’s an all-natural way to get the energy, vitality, and focus you need to be your very best!
Need more nutrients?
Check out our IV Drips
Have questions? Here are a few answers…

What is IV Drip Therapy?

It’s an IV infusion of all-natural vitamins, trace minerals, and other nutrients specifically designed to optimize your health, energy, mental focus, and overall well-being. Instead of just masking fatigue and “brain fog” with caffeine and sugar, you’re nourishing your body with vital nutrients to support exceptional health – naturally!

How can IV Drips help me?

We usually associate IV therapy with sick people, but it can take you from “well” to “amazing” too! IV therapy supports enhanced energy and vitality, and can be used to address fatigue, enhance immune system function, and even protect your body against cancer-causing free radicals!

Is IV Drip Therapy safe?

Absolutely! We have all the credentials, experience, and training to provide approved, clinical IV therapy in a pathogen-free environment. And we’re committed to providing every customer with a safe, enjoyable experience every time. After all, we want them to keep coming back!

What if I just take a supplement instead?

Supplements are fine, but because they have to be broken down in your digestive tract, you really only absorb about 30% of the nutrients they contain. The rest gets flushed out of your body. With Energy Boost IV Therapy, you get 100% of the nutrients delivered right to the cells that need them most – in just 30 short minutes!

What if I need a boost but I don’t have time for an IV Drip?

No problem! Just grab a Energy Boost Booster Shot and you’ll get a a powerful boost of energy in a short amount of time!

Do you take walk-ins?

Absolutely! During peak times, there might be a short wait… but we’ll get you the energy recharge you’ve been looking for ASAP!

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