Spring is Almost Here So are Its Allergens

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Spring is almost here and so are its allergens! Pretty soon every car you see on I 85 will be covered in that https://centrespringmd.com yellow pollen we dread seeing every year. Here are a few of our best tips to help you have a happier and healthier Georgia Spring!

1. Avoid alcohol. According to The New York Times, studies have found that alcohol can cause or worsen the common symptoms of asthma and hay fever, like sneezing, itching, headaches and coughing.

2. Check the pollen count before you leave your home. A great place to check is www.pollen.com.

3. Keep pollen out of your home. Pollen can collect in your hair and on your clothes. Frequent showers, changing clothes when you get home, leaving your shoes at the door and keeping your windows closed can help reduce the amount of pollen that gets into your home.

4. Vaccum carpets and wash bedding. It’s impossible to keep 100% of allergens out of your home. So make sure you are vacuuming your carpets and keeping bedding fresh to avoid allergy misery.

5. Wear a dust mask. A dust mask can help keep allergens out of your airways while you are doing spring yard work.

6. Wash pollen off your car often. Pollen has a way of collecting on cars, keep your car rinsed off to reduce exposure.

7. Take probiotics. Research has linked the presence of beneficial bacteria in the gut with reduced incidence of allergies. ACHIM currently has an allergy bundle special that includes probiotics!

8. Use a Neti Pot. Irrigating your nasal passages will help clear them of pollen.

9. Give acupuncture a try. According to Dr. Taz, starting acupuncture 3-4 weeks prior to allergy symptoms can help prevent spring allergies.  Acupuncture, has multiple roles of re-balancing the immune system and treating allergy symptoms.

10. Go natural. Natural antihistamines like Quercitin, can be found in apples. Bromelain is another natural histamine and is found in pineapples. You can get a dose of both in Dhist, which can be found here .


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