Are You Really Healthy? Getting the Right Functional Lab Tests

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Are You Really Healthy? Getting the Right Functional Lab Tests

Doctors often rely on one tool that’s usually the first choice when trying to get to the bottom of any health symptom, and that’s ordering the right tests. Functional lab testing helps identify hormone imbalances, metabolic issues, thyroid problems, autoimmune... READ MORE

Does My Child Have Anxiety? | Signs + Symptoms of Anxiety in Children

Anxiety and anxiety-related disorders are rising in both young children and adolescents. And although your child’s schedule can sometimes seem to rival that of the busiest CEO, is it really their environment to blame for the uptick in anxious feelings?... READ MORE

Why Am I Gaining Weight? Summer Weight Gain + How to Lose It Fast

Lose weight without the struggle with integrative medicine. Don’t waste time on short-term fixes, and instead target the root cause of any excess summer weight gain directly when you support detoxification, gut function, and hormone balance. Functional and integrative medicine... READ MORE

Quick & Healthy Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

Benefits of Breakfast The foods you choose to “break your fast” in the morning are one of the most important decisions that set the tone for how you’ll feel all day. But finding a fast and healthy breakfast for busy... READ MORE

High Stress Hormones: Cortisol + HPA Axis Dysfunction

The exhaustion, insomnia, weight gain, and array of symptoms caused by chronically high-stress hormones have become known as adrenal fatigue. But these stress hormones are part of a larger, more complex system called the HPA axis. For a growing number... READ MORE

How a Holistic Primary Care Doctor Helps the Whole Family

Wouldn’t it be a luxury if your entire household could go to the same doctor’s office? Are you looking for a integrative medicine provider? A holistic primary care doctor can treat you, your spouse, and children all at the same... READ MORE


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