“They literally treat you like they are your family. It’s like going home, like your mom is just checking up on you. I’ve never been to a doctor like that before.”

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“I feel that having the support of an integrative medicine doctor like Dr. Taz helped me get through my battle with breast cancer…Dr. Taz is on my team to help me make sure the cancer does not come back and to help me keep my immune system functioning to the fullest.”

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“Integrative medicine along with speech therapy turned our lives around. We are so glad that we’re treating the root cause and especially thankful he isn’t having to take a host of prescription medication anymore,” – Tori, Jake’s mom

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After one week, Dorian had lost 5.4 pounds. In four months she had lost more than 40 pounds and at six months her weight loss totaled 55 pounds! Dorian’s net weight loss has stayed between 55 and 60 pounds. Beyond that, she has higher energy levels and no longer experiences frequent bouts of bloating and heartburn.

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