No Radiation -- No Pain -- No Contact with Your Body
Thermography Screening by CentreSpring MD
Thermography is a safe, comfortable, and effective way to detect early warning signs of cancer and other health risks years before they show up on other tests.
There’s no radiation. No pain. And the procedure is totally non-invasive. You’ll get the answers you need to enjoy the health and peace-of-mind you deserve.
Benefits of thermography
Tumor and Abnormal Cellular Activity Finder
Early Detection of Illnesses
Alternative to Uncomfortable Testing Methods
Pain & Injury Identifier
Radiation-Free Cancer Screening
Visibly Detects and Indicates Health Issues

“I’m thrilled to provide thermograms to our CentreSpringMD patients! A state-of-the-art, non-invasive and radiation-free clinical test that our team can utilize to identify vulnerable areas in the body that may be susceptible to inflammation and potentially even disease. Thermograms screen for hidden risk factors, often ten years ahead of what may be seen on an X-ray or radiographic image and are used in many European countries for breast health, dental health, spinal issues and more.”

- Dr. Taz MD

Questions about thermography? We’ve got answers!

What is thermography?

Thermography is an FDA-approved non-invasive screening procedure that uses sophisticated cameras and computer systems to take infrared pictures of your body. There is no exposure to radiation and no contact with your body.

How can it help me?

As a cancer screening method, thermography can detect early warning signs of cancer years earlier than other screening options. In fact, studies show thermography can detect suspicious cell activity 8 to 10 years before any other test.

But thermography can do much more than screen for cancer. It can also screen for neurological issues like migraines, fibromyalgia, and neuropathy; chronic pain, muscle spasms, and nerve damage; thyroid conditions, colon health, and more.

Is it safe?

Yes! Thermography is completely safe. In fact, it’s even safe for pregnant and nursing women.

It uses infrared (which is nothing more than heat) to take a precise picture of the heat of your body. So there’s no exposure to radiation. No pain. And no contact with your body.

Is it accurate?

Absolutely! In addition to revealing indications of breast disease and cancer, thermography can also detect abnormal cell activity earlier than many other tests.

How does the procedure work?

A female Certified Thermographer will perform your scan in a peaceful, private room. There is no radiation exposure and no contact with your body.

Most scans take 20 to 25 minutes. Full body scans and full body with breast scans take 30 to 45 minutes.

Breast --Top derobe (20-25 minutes)
Lower Body -- Derobe from the waist down (20-25 minutes)
Upper Body -- Top derobe (20-25 minutes)
Cranio -- No derobe (20-25 minutes)
Lumbosacral -- Full derobe (20-25 minutes)
Full Body -- full derobe (30-45 minutes)
Full Body W/ Breast -- Full derobe (30-45 minutes)

* Note: you will receive surgical underwear for full body scans. Breast cannot be covered during the scan.

You’ll receive your scan results in 7 to 10 days. These results can then be discussed with your healthcare provider.

How much does the procedure cost?

The price depends on the part of your body being scanned:

Breast -- $145
Lower Body -- $199
Upper Body -- $199
Cranio – $99
Lumbosacral -- $99
Full body -- $299
Full Body W/ Breast -- $350

Some insurance companies cover thermography screenings, but most do not.

What should I do before my appointment?

To ensure the most accurate thermography screening, we encourage patients to consume no coffee or caffeine before their appointment; avoid applying lotion, perfume, hormone cream, or deodorant; and avoid heavy exercise before their scan.

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