3 Ways to Ease Teething Symptoms

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When you have a teething infant or toddler, you may wonder what the best options are to bring your little one some relief. These days, many parents prefer options other than a dose of children’s Tylenol or ibuprofen. Here are a few holistic ways to get the inflammation down and soothe to your teething child.

1. Cold

Offer your child chilled foods such as organic yogurt or applesauce. You can also use a wet washcloth, place in a bag or bowl in the refrigerator, and let your child gnaw on it. The washcloth with soothe the ridges around the teeth and gums and they may find it fun. Sometimes frozen fruit may do the trick. Make mini popsicles with berries and yogurt, or use a dairy-free option if needed.

2. Pressure

Sometimes simply applying a little pressure with your own clean finger or hand is all baby needs. Other times, the pressure of the gums on mothers breast while nursing is enough to comfort your little one. Try massaging baby’s gums with your index finger or letting them gnaw gently on your finger.

3. Chamomile Tea

I absolutely love this one! I used a mild organic chamomile tea on a washcloth with my toddler and it provided much relief. You can also freeze the tea. Later, using clove and coconut oil teething pods may be helpful, and contacting a pediatrician who is educated about essential oils and topical options for teething is a must for safety. Some companies even make teething gels with clove or other essential oils that are soothing.

The key is to find what works best for your child, providing them with the safest form of relief. Each child is different, so what worked for baby number one may not for baby number two or three. Silicone teething necklaces for mom can be great, and also a fun and colorful accessory for mom to wear!

If you are still stuck and need help with options- reach out to your pediatrician or give us a call at the Centre (we love babies around here), and will provide you with the best pediatric integrative care to keep your little one on track for a healthy future!


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