At CentreSpring MD + Pediatrics, children are cared for as individuals. Our team of board-certified, compassionate providers are conventionally-trained, but set apart because they diagnose and treat pediatric patients by pulling from conventional, integrative, holistic, functional and Chinese medicine to create the best customized treatment plans possible.

Our founder, Dr. Taz Bhatia, M.D., believes that healthy children require more than just well-checks, good vital signs and vaccines. She’s seen thousands of pediatric patients, and that’s why she’s trained her team of providers to go beyond treating symptoms. When you choose us, your child will spend well-beyond the average “7-minutes in the patient room" with our providers and complete a thorough set of custom diagnostic tests that you won’t find in a typical pediatric-setting. This approach allows our team to get to the root of your child’s health issues and learn more about his/her biotype—uncovering the way they should eat, genetic markers, what supplementation is needed—setting them up for a lifetime of better health. Whether you simply want to go beyond conventional medical treatment for your child, or you’re struggling and at a dead-end with treating allergies, eczema, gut health or behavior, our team can help.

We offer: Pediatric Well Checks, Sick Visits, Newborn Care, Vaccine Counseling, and Sports Physicals.