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It is reported that up to 300,000 Americans are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year, according to the CDC. While symptoms often start feeling flu-like, they often worsen and become a case long-term chronic inflammation. 

Even though Lyme disease is most often caused from a tick bite from a tick that is carrying the bacteria, it is your individual body’s response to these bacteria that determines whether or not it will develop into Lyme disease. Your immunity largely affects how these bacteria will affect you, which is why it is crucial to build your immunity in order to prevent and treat Lyme disease.

The conventional approach to treating Lyme includes a host of antibiotics that are administered over a two-week period. The problem is that not everyone will respond to these antibiotics, especially in anyone where the disease has spread to the central nervous system. In integrative medicine, we also know that antibiotics weaken the immune system, which is the exact opposite of what we want when treating Lyme disease. 

Prevention is Key
Protecting yourself from insect bites and upping your immunity are keys in prevention. 

  • Use a natural bug spray or repellent
  • Wear long pants, long sleeves and long socks to keep ticks off of the skin
  • Check skin after being outside
  • Keep your immunity high before you go into an environment where you might get bitten (outdoors in wooded areas)

Natural Treatments

  1. Eat to Up Immunity. Consume a diet of high-antioxidant foods, probiotic-rich foods, and bone broth to keep your immune system functioning optimally. With a highly functioning immune system, you will be less likely to have a negative response if you are to get bitten.
  2. Take supplements that can up your cellular health. You want your cells as healthy as possible so that when they are attacked, they will be able to repair themselves quickly.
    • Vitamin D
    • CoQ10
    • B-Complex
    • Omega-3 Fish Oil
    • Magnesium
    • Turmeric
    • Probiotic
  3. Sleep well and reduce stress. Stress and negative emotions have been proven to weaken the immune system. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, scheduling out time to relax, and time to have fun with your friends and family. These are all key components in managing your immunity.

Lyme disease is a complex and multi-level disease and every patient’s response to treatment and medication will vary. It is important to seek out the care of a professional. At CentreSpringMD, we have treated many patients with Lyme and take an integrative approach to find healing. Call us to schedule an appointment at 404.814.9808.

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