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CentreSpring MD
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 152 reviews
 by Courtney

CentreSpring diagnosed an issue that was making it difficult for me to maintain a pregnancy. Will be forever grateful!

 by Miranda grimes

So nice and helpful and the best care I’ve had with getting the core root of what’s going on and fixing problems naturally!!

 by Sarah

The entire staff at CentreSpring we’re very helpful and actually took the time to deep dive into my concerns. I am leaving with a solid starting plan. Would highly recommend Rosie and CentreSpring.

 by Mary Cannon Barnes

I have been seeing Rosi since September of 2018, and I honestly don't know where I'd be without her and this office. After not feeling well for a long time, I decided to visit CentreSpring. Rosi was able to uncover several underlying conditions that were making me miserable, and prescribe a healing protocol utilizing both holistic and conventional medical care. Being a holistic health coach myself, being able to incorporate natural healing into the treatment plan was extremely important to me. I always feel heard, supported, and understood when I visit the office. I cannot recommend this CentreSpring highly enough, and it is the first resource I send my own clients to when I suspect there is some underlying medical condition.

 by Michael

First time visit. Very comprehensive. I’m well on the way to optimize my health.

 by Janet Newman

As a skeptic to anything different in the world of medicine I have been pleasantly surprised at how well the staff and doctors listen and are open to hearing from the patient. It is nice to have a voice in my medical journey. Thankful for what is happening and hopeful for what is to come with my health.

 by Lauren

I've loved Centrespring for myself and I just brought my kids for the first time. The service is great, thorough, and I leave feeling heard and cared for. Highly recommend!

 by Katrina Gould

I recently had a series of three MARMA treatments from Gedalia Genin. My treatments resulted in a profound detox effect from many heavy medications taken because of long-term severe pain. As lucky as I am to have had all the life-saving drugs and treatments, it was inevitable that they left a very heavy toxic hangover in my body. I have tried many detox methods, but the MARMA treatments delivered in a very different and profound way. The MARMA detox was physically cleansing, and also resulted in a mental and spiritual lightening effect. I feel lighter, more fluid and more open, and I seem to be more resilient. I am truly grateful to Gedalia her gifts and to the spa staff for creating such a healing environment. I wish you profound benefits from your MARMA experiences. Thank you all.

 by Susan Blackmon

I was treated for a loss of stamina and vitality (after tapering off of a long-term antidepressant) by Gedalia over the course of several Marma treatments. I found that my physical and psychological health gradually returned to a much healthier state, and well as experiencing a heart-opening, one that has infused my life with a greater depth of gratitude and appreciation for all life. I would highly recommend this approach to those who are seeking some relief and healing.

 by Julie

I went into my first session with Gedalia not really sure what to expect, but with an open mind and spirit. I very quickly felt relaxation washing over me. I was filled with a sense of being loved, nurtured, safe, happy, and healthy. That feeling has continued to float in and around me. I am so grateful to Gedalia for sharing her gifts of healing, nurturing, and balancing with me!

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