The most current theories suggest that infection, environment, or other factors trigger a misdirected response of the immune system that creates inflammation in the brain. Children affected by PANS may present with symptoms such as OCD, motor tics, anxiety, or severe restrictive eating. These often happen “overnight”, with a very distinct presentation reported by parents. If streptococcal infection is identified as the trigger for the onset, the condition is referred to as PANDAS. After ruling out other medical issues that could cause these symptoms, parents are often left without many answers or options for treatment. Having an integrative and functional medicine approach, we look into how diet, stress, yeast overgrowth, viruses, environmental toxins, or other potential pathogens could potentially exacerbate the condition. We have also been looking into the connection with low levels of immunoglobulins. From there we are able to help create treatment plans that will provide the body with conditions needed for improvement or recovery.

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