Power RX®

Designed to unleash and empower your strongest self.

Being Your Best Self.
Having Your Best Health.

These concepts are connected and intertwined. Your chemistry determines your mindset, emotions and energy – and vice versa. Your Power RX® is the mission of CSMD. With over a decade in practice and 20,000 patient experiences and more counting, our mission is to empower you and your family using a unique diagnostic/ methodology developed by our Founder, Dr. Taz.


The Power RX® methodology utilizes multiple systems of medicine, integrating them together to account for the whole person, not just symptoms or conditions. This methodology incorporates the 10 foundational pillars of empowerment and health including:


From aging to inflammation, autoimmune diseases to ADHD, menopause to cancer- the Power RX® method finds solutions, answers and options for the whole family by combining the wisdom of eastern systems of medicine — including Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, energy medicine, with conventional Western medicine — nutrition, evaluation of environmental toxicity and detoxification.

This comprehensive approach to health has yielded consistent results in our decade of practice.


.The Power RX® approach begins with the process of extensive testing, evaluating, and assessing your current profile to create the most comprehensive, individualized approach to your unique health goals.

  1. 1
    Detailed history and physical exam
  2. 2
    Chinese medicine evaluation
  3. 3
    Ayurvedic evaluation.
  4. 4
    Nutrition evaluation- 3 day food recall
  5. 5
    InBody Analysis to look at weight, body fat, visceral fat and caloric needs
  6. 6
    Personalized bioenergetic assessment
  7. 7
    Laboratory assessment including the foundational pillars for health – nutrition, gut function, hormones, inflammation assessment, oxidative stress markers, detoxification/environmental toxicity.

We also conduct emotional, lifestyle, relationship, and trans-generational pattern assessments.

Your Unique Protocol

After extensive testing, your practitioner will determine the most effective approach for your unique health conditions, requirements, and wellness goals.

You will receive a treatment plan outlining your phase 1 goals and diet, supplement, exercise, mind body strategies along with any other referrals, needs for radiology, medication or further research.

Ready to Unleash Your Inner Power?

All new patient

Appointments Include:

  • Detailed medical history and physical exam
  • pH testing to determine acidity vs alkalinity in the body, which can be indications of inflammation
  • Iodine testing — to determine thyroid function
  • Free Focused Thermogram
  • Body fat analysis (InBody test to help you determine your body composition) (not included in pediatric appointments)
  • Chinese Medicine Diagnostics — Acugraph
  • Ayurvedic Diagnostics
  • Visual Assessment of inflammation
  • $30 credit for use at CentreSpringMD + Spa
  • Bioenergetic evaluation to assess organ and emotional weaknesses
  • Free RD/Nutritional Consult — Nutritional history and consultation to provide appropriate dietary recommendations based on your needs
  • Lab/Testing, standardized and integrative — Our labs are unique to the practice, as we have worked with lab companies to establish specific panels
  • Customized and individualized treatment plans tailored specifically to your needs
  • 3 Hour Visit Time
  • Coordination of your care, including any necessary outside referrals, prescription management, supplement recommendations, and diagnostic imaging
  • All Peds New Patient — also get a free Gibson Test (Brain Boost 5+)
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