InBody Test

Sometimes in our weight loss journey, the scale will refuse to budge even though we may look and feel better. The InBody will help prove your progress beyond the scale, and give you a better idea of your overall health. This test will measure the breakdown of body composition in regards to fat (including visceral), water and muscle weight. It can also further break down fat composition on each arm, leg, and trunk.

The InBody is great for athletes, those wanting to lose weight, or those wanting an overall health screening.

Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Women are the building blocks of family and society but still one of the most neglected health groups. Our research dollars today do not match the issues that women battle. A healthy family requires healthy women. We work with women on all women’s issue, including preconception planning, fertility/infertility, pregnancy/lactation support, hormone detoxification, hormone replacement, comprehensive, thyroid evaluation, weight management, anxiety, depression, GI dysfunction and autoimmune diseases.



At CentreSpring MD + Pediatrics, children are cared for as individuals. Our team of board-certified, compassionate providers are conventionally-trained, but set apart because they diagnose and treat pediatric patients by pulling from conventional, integrative, holistic, functional and Chinese medicine to create the best customized treatment plans possible.

Our founder, Dr. Taz Bhatia, M.D., believes that healthy children require more than just well-checks, good vital signs and vaccines. She’s seen thousands of pediatric patients, and that’s why she’s trained her team of providers to go beyond treating symptoms. When you choose us, your child will spend well-beyond the average “7-minutes in the patient room" with our providers and complete a thorough set of custom diagnostic tests that you won’t find in a typical pediatric-setting. This approach allows our team to get to the root of your child’s health issues and learn more about his/her biotype—uncovering the way they should eat, genetic markers, what supplementation is needed—setting them up for a lifetime of better health. Whether you simply want to go beyond conventional medical treatment for your child, or you’re struggling and at a dead-end with treating allergies, eczema, gut health or behavior, our team can help.

We offer: Pediatric Well Checks, Sick Visits, Newborn Care, Vaccine Counseling, and Sports Physicals.

Family Medicine

Family Medicine

As family medicine practitioners, our providers are able to see you for all of your wellness and health needs, including annual physicals and sick visits. We can serve as your primary care providers to ensure you are developing a plan lifelong health and prevention from a preventative and holistic perspective.

  • New Patient Consultation: Adult or Pediatric (with physician or nurse practitioner)
  • Focused New Patient Consult
  • Comprehensive Physical – Includes EKG, Body Fat Analysis, Meridian Evaluation, pH testing
  • Cancer Support Consult
  • Pap Smears/Routine GYN checks
  • Sick Visits
  • Testing panels are extensive, so please call for more details:
  • Preventative Labs
  • Food Allergies & Intolerances - ALCAT
  • Saliva and Urine Hormone Testing
  • Fertility Evaluations
  • Detoxification and Genomics
  • Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Candida
  • Cancer Risk Testing – TK1
  • Nutritional Deficiencies (NutrEval)
  • Gut Function Analysis (GI Effect)

Men’s Health

Men’s Health

Men are statistically less likely to visit doctors, but they are at an even greater risk for some of the common diseases we face today: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, stress and fatigue. We focus on evaluating nutrition, hormones balance, cardiovascular assessment and weight management support.

Cancer Support

Cancer Support

For patients with cancer—whether just receiving the diagnosis, currently receiving treatment, or in post care—acupuncture is used to support the physical body and the spirit. Balancing the two by treating the physical symptoms—like pain in bones, hot flashes or coldness, poor or strong appetite—and the emotional aspects—like sadness, anger or frustration—help to support the patient as a whole.

Autoimmune Disease Assessment

There are increasing numbers of autoimmune diseases today, a reflection of the environment and its influence on our genetics and micro-biome. At CentreSpring MD, we have worked with thousands of patients battling an autoimmune disease. From inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis) to Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis to CIDP, our providers tackle these diseases by evaluating the cause of inflammation and where inflammation and epigenetics interact to create disease. We are happy to work with your rheumatologist as well, combining the best of conventional treatments with strategies to combat inflammation with a holistic approach. We use sophisticated testing and lab analysis to understand the root of your autoimmune disease and get you back to your centre.


Disease and illness prevention is not only colonoscopies, cholesterol screenings and mammograms. Prevention should encompass the chemistry of your health as well: how you process hormones, where you stand with inflammation, your nutritional status and its influence on your health and your emotional risk factors—the role stress, trauma or isolation may be having on your health. Embrace a new definition of prevention and stay healthy for years to come.


Can we stop aging or reverse the hand of time? Not exactly, but we can help to slow the aging process. Aging, research suggests, is a continuum, determined by the interplay of your micronutrient status, detoxification capacity, inflammation risks and epigenetics. We can measure your aging index by looking at your telomeres, amongst other markers. Stop the continuum by learning more about your health, strategies to reverse aging and natural cosmetic alternatives to look your best.


Are you surviving or thriving?

Many times, patients are told that they may have a symptom because they are "getting old" or "have too much on their plate." Not at CentreSpring MD. Wellness is about maximizing your health, looking deeply at the root behind your fatigue, pain, mood or disrupted sleep. We are often told by our patients that they did not understand how they were functioning once they understood their health better. Further your journey to wellness by committing to thriving and finding your centre.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition is key to optimal wellness. We believe proper nutrition and good health cannot be separated. Working together with our physicians, our nutrition team provides individualized evaluations, services and encouragement to help patients develop a nutrition plan that is best for their health needs. Our team can help you achieve optimal weight and reduce body fat, develop an individualized nutrition and exercise plan, increase energy and vitality, understand and eliminate cravings, reduce stress and improve sleep and create a meal plan that works for your lifestyle.

A nutrition evaluation and consultation with our team is useful in managing many different conditions including:

  • Control autoimmune diseases
  • ADHD, hyperactivity, anxiety issues, asthma
  • Leaky gut, candida overgrowth & understand food allergies
  • Enhance energy, performance and recovery
  • Reduce cravings, stabilize blood sugar and optimize fat burning
  • Manage skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Enhance immune system and reduce allergy symptoms
  • Enhance mental clarity and manage pain

Health Coaching

Health Coaching

At CentreSpring MD we know it can be overwhelming to take new supplements, start exercising, cut sugar, avoid allergens, and find time to sleep (soundly) 7.5-8 hours per night. It can be done though. One step at a time. And we have an amazing team who can support clients with these goals through health coaching.

Our health coaches are available to all new members who have signed up for our membership program [more information here], as well as anyone who might not yet be a patient with us, but is interested in meeting with our health coaches to work to be their best self.

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Health Coaching Packages



Ayurveda is an ancient approach to medicine that seeks the balance of one’s physical body with his or her mind and spirit. Founded in India, this approach takes into account an individual’s composition along with season, geography, surroundings and nutrition. Ayurveda gives each person a unique constitution based on three constitutional principles: Pitta, Vatta and Kapha. Our providers use these concepts in developing your care. We also offer Ayurvedic consultations and body treatments to complement your care

Marma Therapy

Uses energy, sound and essential oils as well as Marma pressure points to relieve anxiety, depression, grief and loss, improve digestion, promote mental and emotional clarity, and alleviate any type of pain.

From an overall health perspective to nutrition and
aromatherapy, these consultations will guide you in incorporating Ayurvedic principles in your health and life.

Ayurvedic Body Treatments

Ayurvedic body treatments are a transformative experience focused on healing and relaxing the nervous system. Your therapist will first determine your dosha (or body constitution), and select a combination of oils, herbs and essential oils to compliment and balance your body during your treatment.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is an ancient approach to health based on the holistic understanding of the person: what happens in one part of the body affects the whole body and is deeply connected to the mind. We evaluate your the health of your Meridian system, which is concept that your life-energy flows, also known as your “qi.” It is along this meridian system that acupuncture points are identified and tapped into for healing.

We incorporate Chinese medicine concepts into our medical evaluations, using tools like the acugraph in our diagnostic process, and offer acupuncture and herbal consultations.

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Acupuncture Treatment

A standard session, this 40-minute treatment includes conversation about what is going on with the patient to determine his or her Chinese differentiation and appropriate acupuncture treatment, applying tiny needles to key points on one’s meridian. The acupuncturist will discuss any other type of therapy recommendations as needed.

Cosmetic Acupuncture:

Worried about fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin? This treatment is designed to counteract the diminishing of collagen that occurs after the age of 30. The needling of the skin creates micro traumas that allow for collagen to be reproduced helping to plump the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and help with the luminosity.

Luxury Acupuncture:

The longer one is able to spend with acupuncture needles in place, the greater benefit of the session. This 60-minute appointment gives the patient more time to relax and enjoy the acupuncture experience.

Laser Acupuncture:

A needle-free treatment that is great for slow wound healing, patients who are fearful of needles, kids and for immuno-weak patients.

Fertility Acupuncture:

For women who want to strengthen their reproductive health or who are going through IUI/ IVF. The acupuncture will address any drug protocols that the patient is currently are on and how she can work with them to potentiate their overall effect. This treatment also focuses on regulating the cycle, helping to get life stress under control and getting a good night sleep.


IV Vitamin Therapies

IV Vitamin Therapies

IV therapy has been shown to develop better delivery of nutrients to tissue, increase recovery and immune enhancement, and assist in reversing inflammation and oxidative damage.

Glutathione Push:

Glutathione is a potent antioxidant that has been shown to play a role in Cancer prevention and treatment, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and diseases of mitochondrial dysfunction. Glutathione is difficult to absorb orally.

Myers Cocktail:

This cocktail can help boost and support energy, immune systems, and also helps with cellular energy and metabolism.

Vitamin C Infusions:

Vitamin C is an immune booster, which helps you stay healthy during flu season.


B12 Injections, Methylated B12:

  • Active B Complex Injection
  • Super B Complex Injection
  • Iron Injections

Homeopathic Injectables:

  • These are designed to stimulate the body’s natural immune defense. Our current homeopathic injectables include engystol for cold and flu defense and traumeel/zeel for inflammatory muscle pain.

Spa Services

Spa Services

We know that beauty begins and is sustained by internal health. And internal health is supported by self-care and stress management. That’s why Dr. Taz MD hand selected ur unique spa menu, combing healing treatments from around the world. With a unique combination of Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and technology to analyze your skin and develop custom treatments, our treatments are designed to provide clinical relief and an opportunity to reboot and revive.

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight management is something that many people struggle with over the course of their lives. When you come to CentreSpring MD, you can count on our expertise to help you achieve – and maintain – the weight that is best for you. Our team is fully equipped to help you achieve your weight loss goals, and with additional care from nutritionists, you can feel confident that your weight loss plan will support your overall health and wellness.

How do we do this? Our providers use a combination of conventional, integrative, functional, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine to fully evaluate and customize a plan for you. They focus on a whole body approach including:

  • Hormone balance and Gut Health
  • Premier InBody Testing
  • Physical Condition
  • Nutrition and food intake
  • Lab testing and history

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