We are excited to add a new tool to our repertoire: the Biopulsar. The Biopulsar measures the general status of one’s health by analyzing the health and vitality of 45 organs and glands throughout the body. We have introduced some of our patients to this biofeedback machine and have had great results.

How does it work?

Using a pulse frequency through the patient’s hand, the Biopulsar incorporates Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and reflexology through the sciences of EEG, EKJG, thermography and pulse diagnostics. These energy measurements are translated into a chart so that we can visually see each organ’s vitality. Essentially, the Biopulsar is reading the pulse of the reflex zones.

How do we use it?

The biofeedback we receive helps us identify areas of weakness in the body and provide a more focused treatment plan. It also helps us check for energy imbalances that may not yet be manifested through physical symptoms and where energy is per organ, which helps our providers address imbalances before they become a problem and determine the efficacy of current treatments.

Ready to try it?

Beginning in July of 2015 will be included in all pediatric well checks and new patient appointments with Dr. Taz. You can schedule a Biopulsar scan and reading outside of these appointments for $85 (existing patients; additional cost for non-patients).

Categories: Holistic Health