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Chinese Medicine is an ancient approach to health based on the holistic understanding of the person: what happens in one part of the body affects the whole body and is deeply connected to the mind. We evaluate the health of your Meridian system, which is concept that your life-energy flows, also known as your “qi.” It is along this meridian system that acupuncture points are identified and tapped into for healing.

We incorporate Chinese medicine concepts into our medical evaluations, using tools like the acugraph in our diagnostic process, and offer acupuncture and herbal consultations.

And if you’ve tried acupuncture, and you’re hooked, this package is for you! This package allows you to do 5 sessions for $400 – giving you enough sessions to get the results you need (regularly $85 per session).

So if you’re worried about fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin for those holiday party pictures, our cosmetic acupuncture treatment is designed to counteract the diminishing of collagen! The needling of the skin creates micro traumas that allow for collagen to be reproduced helping to plump the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Call 404.814.9808 to book your appointment with Allison Andersen, our Acupuncturist, before the holidays!


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