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In an effort to ease concern after the collapse of the I-85 North bridge on March 30th, we would like to assure you that there are several alternative routes to take, to get you to CentreSpringMD.

We highly encourage you to use Google Maps, or a GPS app for your phone such as Waze to not only navigate around the interstate closure, but also to keep you up to date on traffic conditions during this time.

If your appointment is between 8-10 a.m. or 3-6 p.m., please allow extra time to get to your appointment as these are already heavy traffic times and you will likely need extra time to commute. We will work with you to be able to fit you in should you arrive to your appointment early in order to avoid traffic.

Here are a handful of alternate routes that you can take to get to CentreSpringMD:

I-85 South 

If you normally come down I-85 (heading south) to get to our office – there should be no change in your route.

400 South

If you normally come down 400 (heading south) to get to our office – there should be no change in your route.

I-75 South

If you normally take I-75 south to I-85 north to get to our office – you’ll need to utilize 285 East and consider taking 400 south to Buckhead/Lenox exit or continuing to the Peachtree Industrial Exit.

I-75 North/I-85 North

If you normally travel north through the city to get to our office (I.e. Downtown connector) we recommend routing to Piedmont (if it’s open), Peachtree or Briarcliff based upon your location. It is paramount that you utilize your Google Maps or Waze App in this scenario as it will be different for everyone.



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