Consider asking yourself this summer “What is My Purpose”? And what is it’s appropriate form.. work, job, activity etc. Just as a flower shares it’s beauty and fragrance we too have a special purpose.

In Ayurveda, health results from harmony within one’s self. To be whole, harmony must exist between your thoughts, feelings your purpose of being and your actions. In Ayurveda, dis-ease is actually considered good as it is a wake up call to pay attention to one’s life and make change.

So on your vacation, or in your summer house when you have time alone I invite you to  sit down and ask this question to yourself inwardly and see what comes. If the answer does not come right away look out for some signs, a person you may meet who will reveal something to you, or perhaps  when you are washing dishes or driving in the car a phrase may enter your mind…. pay attention .

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