Carrot soup is a nice warming dinner for a cold night. It all takes about thirty minutes to get done.

Here is my recipe:

Use organic carrots- the small ones . I get a large bag from Cosco and use half the bag in the pot. Cover with chicken broth. Add two sweet potatoes peeled, a cinnamon stick and pink salt. Boil til soft. In another skillet pan melt either ghee or sesame oil and saute’ one onion, with one tsp of cumin, one tsp of ginger  dried or if fresh add more. After onion turns soft then add to carrot mixture.

When carrot/potato mixture cools blend in blender . First remove the cinnamon stick. Put back into pot and warm with coconut milk if you like or eat just as is.

Serve with chapati, or whole grain tortilla.

Reminder; Eating a light dinner like this promotes weight loss. Save the heavier meal for lunch like the french do!

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