It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time for back-to-school!

This year, send your child back into the classroom well-rested, their nutrient levels optimized, and their brains ready to absorb new information.

These Back to School tips from our team of providers will give you and your kids a seamless transition into another school year.

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Essential Oils

  • Diffuse peppermint and orange for an uplifting aroma that increases alertness
  • Lemon, rosemary, peppermint are great oils for attention
  • Use a drop of lavender and/or epsom salts in the bath
  • Rub calming oils on their feet, like lavender or vetiver. Always use a carrier oil like almond, coconut or jojoba on kids.


  • Limit screen time for proper melatonin secretion
  • Consider blue light blocking glasses for kids who need to be on screens for homework
  • Set boundaries early with social media time to avoid the comparison trap
  • Have discussions about what bullying is with kids prior to school starting and create a space for them to confide in


  • PharmaGaba: may help ease anxieties related to transitions, testing, etc.
  • GI Replenish: improve levels of bifidobacterium/lactobacilli bacterias in their gut and decrease inflammation because healing their gut is the ultimate immune boost
  • Omega 3s plus Phosphatidylserine: a combo we use to help with focus
  • Magnesium in evening to help with a restful sleep – we love Natural Calm for kids


  • Start the bedtime routine at least 1 hour before intended bedtime
  • Close blinds, dim lights, and turn off screens
  • Depending on age, writing in a nightly diary can help them get their thoughts out before before bed
  • Family yoga for 5 minutes can help them stay grounded and relaxed – we love the app Kids Yoga Deck

Healthy Diet


  • Always make sure there is protein and fat!
  • Remember breakfast doesn’t have to look like ‘breakfast’. It can be last night’s leftovers, or sautéed veggies with some brown rice and sesame oil.
  • Perfect Protein Pea and Rice with water and 1 tbsp of MCT oil will get the protein and fat into them quick and easy


  • Nut-butter Sandwiches: Sprinkle a mixture of chia seeds, grounded flax seeds, and hemp seeds in with the nut-butter for a high amount of omegas for brain health
  • Always include a veggie and fruit like carrots and apples, or banana and cucumber


  • Fruit in the afternoon is a good way to get and keep their energy up
  • Nuts and seeds (bonus: make your own trail mix with mixed nuts and Enjoy Life dark chocolate morsels)
  • Hummus and carrot or celery sticks
  • Apples and almond butter

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