Dr. Jamilet Alegria, M.D., joined the CentreSpring MD team of providers in the fall of 2016 after spending years as a Pediatric Hospitalist at both CHOC Children’s in Orange County and at the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Inpatient Pediatrics Unit in Southern California.

She has a compassionate and thorough approach to integrative pediatric care, and is passionate about partnering with parents and caregivers to navigate a child’s health journey. As a mom and pediatrician, Dr. Jamilet understands both the challenges and the deep responsibility and love that come with parenting. She strives to create a strong physician to patient relationship and comes alongside families—creating a “team” approach when providing holistic pediatric care. After spending years in pediatric practice, Dr. Jamilet took a special interest in the nutritional component of pediatric treatment. She studied pediatric nutrition extensively and believes many chronic pediatric conditions and disease can be avoided or greatly altered through nutritional supplementation and correction of deficiencies. Getting to the root of a child’s recurring health issue is of top-priority to her instead of simply treating or masking symptoms.

Dr. Jamilet comes to CentreSpring MD as an accomplished Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics for USC Keck School of Medicine, where she was heavily involved in medical student education and their Inpatient Pediatrics curriculum. She was actively involved in educating residents at Pomona Valley Hospital and enjoyed teaching pediatric residents and medical students at CHOC Children's in California.

Dr. Jamilet is a graduate of the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and is board-certified in Pediatrics. She is currently in the process of becoming a Certified Functional Medicine Physician through the Institute of Functional Medicine, and along with Dr. Taz Bhatia, is excited to offer Atlantans a true integrative, and holistic pediatric experience.