Boost Your Immune System Before Flu Season Hits

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flu-shotCall us today to schedule one of these immune-boosting shots or IVs:

Flu shots – Made by Afluria, these are mercury and preservative-free. We currently have flu vaccines for ages five and above. Cost: $35

Engystol Homeopathic – These immune boosters can help cut down on the time of colds, congestion, and other illnesses. Schedule one at the on-set of systems for a faster recovery. Cost: $50

Glutathione Push – A powerful antioxidant that aids in detoxification and helps with methylation issues. Is this is a shot or IV Cost: $100

Myers Cocktail – This cocktail can help boost and support energy, immune systems, and also helps with cellular energy and metabolism. Cost: $130

Vitamin C Shots and Infusions – Vitamin C is an immune booster, which helps you stay healthy during flu season. Cost: Shots $50; IV $100


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