Your Child’s Allergies

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It happens every year -winter ends, the sun stays out longer and the days get warmer. The kids want to be outside but they are held back by their seasonal allergy symptoms. Allergy symptoms, which come quickly, may include; runny nose, congestion, coughing, itchy and watery eyes. If your child is wheezing and experiencing shortness of breath in addition to these symptoms, the allergy may have progressed into asthma.

Over the counter allergy medications can be given to children, but some worry about side effects that the medications have. You can find a list of side effects here. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural ways to make allergy season a little easier on your littles.

Keep your children away from allergens.
Although you cannot control the allergens outside, you can control them in your home.
If your child isn’t thrilled about staying inside, try out some ideas from our indoor play Pinterest board.

Keep allergens out of your home.

  • Make people remove their shoes before entering.
  • Keep windows closed in both your car and home.
  • Vacuum frequently to keep allergens out of carpet.
  • Wash bedding and stuff animals frequently.
  • Buy a HEPA air filter to keep in your child’s room to filter allergens out of the air.

Soothe Allergy Symptoms

  • Try a warm compress to help your child’s pain from sinus pressure.
  • Warm liquids soothe the throat and nasal passages. Try giving your child warm tea with local honey or warm broth.
  • Use petroleum jelly to soothe raw skin on your child’s nose.
  • Draw a warm bath, the steam will help with their congestion.
  • Rinse the sinuses with saline solution.

Boost Their Immunity

  • Give them Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Omega-3s help boost the immune system, reducing allergy symptoms. If you have a picky eater you can buy Omega-3 gummy supplements at our online store.
  • Give them Dhist Jr. D-Hist provides support to sinus and nasal passage tissues to help inhibit the body’s allergy defense mechanisms.


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