The One Thing your Teen Needs Before College

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So You’re Sending Your Teen Off to College

It is easy to forget the gift of health and the importance of prepping and equipping your teen with a full knowledge of their chemistry and what their bodies need before sending them off to college.  Some carry the genetics of addiction, while others don’t realize that gluten is an issue.  In the freedom of college, the choices are many, and our teens, much like us, need a plan – a roadmap for success.

As parents, we have a running list of things we hope we have done before we send our kids off to college. Did we instill ethics, workmanship, resilience, self-esteem and academic prowess? We hope that we have helped them find their gifts and their centre – and given them the wings to soar.

In our College Prep Appointment, we cater to the needs of your maturing teen. We look at hormones, gut function, nutrient needs and more, setting your child up for success.  After going through our process, your child will walk away with a checklist to help them remember their key health rules.

Why Your Teen Needs a College Prep Appointment

Learn About Nutritional Deficiencies

Being low in certain key nutrients can cause your teen to have a tougher-than-normal time studying, staying awake in class or even having the energy to go, focusing on projects, getting along well with classmates for group projects and even making good decisions. Let our team of board-certified providers use integrative and non-invasive diagnostic tools to determine your child’s nutritional deficiencies, and correct them before sending them off on their own.

Prevent Habits with Harsh Consequences

We all know that addiction can be hereditary, but the severity is not always easily detected. Our compassionate team will work to uncover your teen’s risk of addictive behaviors, and walk both of you through the risks and potential outcomes. Using detection for the MTHFR gene, our providers will be able to assess your child’s pre-disposition for addiction and anxiety and depression, and create a unique plan aimed at prevention.

Stop the Freshman 15 Before it Starts

College brings a lot of freedom and an inundation of choices. And while you might prepare nutritious meals at home that are gluten, dairy, or wheat free, chances are they won’t remember the importance of this lifestyle when surrounded by alcohol, fast food and late night cravings. Our team will encourage your teen with simple diet rules that can be easily followed, and offer support throughout their journey.

Give Your Teen a Resource They Can Trust

Trust us, as parents, we know that it can be especially tough to get your teen to listen to your advice. As much as we wish they would, sometimes we just don’t know what we’re talking about because we’re “too old.” That’s why we provide your teen with a young, wise, but relatable Health Coach that will provide support, encouragement, and an unbiased ear when any questions or problems come up. Your child will have email access to their Health Coach because no child should suffer in silence or feel alone.

What Your Teen Gets from a College Prep Appointment

  • A new patient visit with a thorough Medical Exam that takes into account their history and physical, mental, and emotional health to get to the root cause of any health issues
  • Non-invasive Energy Testing to uncover underlying root causes
  • Genetics to assess tendency towards addiction/ depression (MTHFR)
  • Medication Evaluation
  • Labs for nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, food intolerances, and hormones
  • Easy to follow diet recommendations
  • 3 supplement recommendations
  • Alcohol Risk Quotient
  • Information on safe sex
  • Access to a Health Coach
  • An individualized treatment plan and course of action for college

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