Additional support to eliminate harmful agents found in the environment that may accumulate in the human body causing ill-health and disease.

Today, we’re exposed to some 80,000 chemicals — most of which did not exist 70 years ago. These various chemicals have been shown to accumulate in blood and tissues and contribute to ill health and disease. Our daily exposure to environmental chemicals suggests that no matter how “clean” you live your life, almost everyone shows some evidence of an increased toxic burden.

Common environmental toxins you may be regularly exposed to include:
  • Acrylamide formed when foods are baked or fried at high temperatures
  • Heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury in many home-building products
  • Bisphenol-A in plastics and food packaging
  • Perfluorinated chemicals (PFOAs or PFAS)  from non-stick cookware, soil, and drinking water)
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from paints, air fresheners, household products, and perfumes.

While there is no way to completely avoid exposure to all environmental toxins, there are two options that help mitigate their impact. First, reduce exposure. Then, enhance the bodies' ability to detoxify them.

Discover the benefits of daily detoxification

Who should consider detoxification?

The signs & symptoms of sluggish detoxification pathways can be broad — feeling bloated, fatigued, or like something is simply ‘off’. Similarly, an Eastern medicine approach recommends examining gut function, appearance, and overall wellbeing to determine if a detox is in order — i.e. dark under eye circles, GI upset, or depressed mood. Some individuals also carry genetic mutations like MTHFR or COMT that reduce liver enzymes or decrease methylation capacity, both of which slow the body’s natural detox pathways.

The modern world is constantly bombarding us with a slew of chemicals, burdening our bodies with a toxic load. We all need a little help now and then, and our bodies’ detoxification system is no different. 

You may benefit from additional detoxification support if you:
  • Experience brain fog & fatigue, no matter how well you sleep.
  • Have low energy.
  • Have gained weight or have trouble losing weight
  • Have acne or other skin irritation
  • Experience mood swings
  • Develop insomnia
  • Have joint or muscle aches
  • Develop new or worsening food sensitivities
  • Have become sensitive to smells

A Modern, Integrative Approach to Detoxification at CentreSpringMD

Detoxification programs are most effective when part of a comprehensive plan. Your functional medicine practitioner may recommend:

Nutrition & Lifestyle
  • Removing foods to which you are allergic or intolerant
  • Supplement recommendations, including B vitamins, amino acids, choline, vitamin C.
  • 10- or 28-Day Metabolic Detox Programs (Metagenics Clear Change, ProLon, etc.)

  • Genetic testing for MTHFR, COMT, and others
  • Gut function analysis
  • Liver enzyme levels
  • Nutrient deficiency status
  • Heavy metal exposure evaluation
Complementary Therapies
  • IV Therapy
  • Infrared sauna
  • Lymphatic massage

Begin your journey to optimal cellular health today. Contact a patient care coordinator.

Supporting Services for Detoxification Treatment

IV Therapy

Optimal nutrient availability is necessary for healthy detox pathways. For optimal detoxification throughout the body, you’ll benefit from the added nutrient availability of IV vitamin therapy

Popular drips for detoxification include:
Recharge Drip

Combat daily fatigue! Whether you’re simply feeling run down and need a pick me up or recovering from travel, the recharge drip is packed full of the nutrients and vitamins you need to give that boost in energy you’re looking for.

Cold & Flu Buster

Fight colds, the flu, and fatigue using vitamins and trace minerals. Vitamins and minerals included help heal and boost immunity for overall wellness. Administered in a 500mL bag.

*Ask about adding glutathione, your body’s most powerful internal antioxidant!

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