Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at my new patient appointment?

Your first appointment at the Centre is our chance to really get to know you and your health-care needs. At your first appointment, we will do a deep dive into your health and history. This visit will include the following:

  • Meridian Testing
  • Iodine Testing
  • PH Testing
  • Complete Medical Exam
  • Nutritional Guidance

Individualized treatment plan focused on your health goals and condition, using multiple systems of medicine. The treatment plans are customized and include nutrition recommendations, supplements, medications if needed, mind-body strategies and exercise suggestions as examples.

Please understand that this is an extensive visit, so we ask that you allow 3-4 hours for your new patient visit.


Should I bring previous medical records to my appointment?

Your provider is happy to review outside labs you bring with you for an additional fee. This excludes annual conventional labs, but applies to long history & any complicated labs. Because this will increase the time developing your personalized treatment plan, there is an additional fee that is contingent on the level of provider you are seeing, and ranges from $90 – $125.

How long will my visit last?

Due to the extensive nature of the health care we provide and our focus on the root causes of your symptoms, our in-office visits are longer than traditional appointments that you may have experienced. Our appointments allow for ample time with the provider. We understand your time is valuable and work hard to efficiently address your health-care needs.

New patient appointments: 3 – 4 hours on average
Follow up appointments: 1.5 – 2 hours on average

Are the providers medical doctors?

Dr. Taz Bhatia, M.D., our founder, medical director and mentor, is a board-certified physician, with an extensive background in both conventional and integrative medicine, including emergency medicine, pediatrics, acupuncture and nutrition.

Dr. Stephanie Grossman, M.D., is a board-certified physician and has a background in internal medicine and palliative care. She worked at Emory for 14 years prior to joining our team and is an Andrew Weil’s Integrative Medicine Fellow.

Stephanie Finn is our pediatric nurse practitioner. She has experience in pediatric private practice and worked at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta before joining our team.

Please visit our providers individual profiles on our website for more detailed information.


Can the Centre serve as my primary health care practice?

Yes, we are glad to serve as your primary health care providers. We have a team of family medicine and pediatric certified physicians and nurse practitioners who see patients for sick visits and child well checks, as well as annual physical exams. We also offer an after-hours call line for our pediatric patients.

Does the Centre offer pediatric care?

Yes, we are dedicated to offering our pediatric patients excellent care. We offer well checks, sick visits, nutritional consultations, and immunizations. Stephanie Finn, our pediatric nurse practitioner, specializes in pediatric care. Dr. Taz MD and Dr. Jamilet MD are our board-certified pediatricians who also specialize in pediatric care.

What are my options for continuing care?

After your new patient appointment, we encourage you to schedule your subsequent follow-ups with the first-available provider. All providers at our Center collaborate and communicate together on patient care. The quality of care is consistent throughout the practice and with each provider.

How do I reserve my appointment?

In order to reserve your new patient appointment, as well as all follow up appointments & sick visits, we require a valid CC on file, as well as confirmation for the appointment. Confirmation for your appointment is made up to ten days in advance of your appointment. You may confirm your appointment by responding to an appointment reminder.

Appointment Reminders:
Reminders are sent through emails, text messages, and phone calls. You will receive an email and/or text message periodically beginning 6 days before your appointment. Once confirmed via one of these methods, your appointment will be considered reserved.

What is the cancellation policy?

All appointments must be cancelled or confirmed 72 business hours in advance for new patients. If you do not cancel 72 business hours prior to your appointment time, you will still be charged in full for your scheduled appointment.

What types of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. We will also accept HSA and FSA account cards as forms of payment.

Does CentreSpringMD accept medical insurance?

We are pleased to now be able to file your claim forms from your visits with us. Although, we do not participate in any insurance plans currently, we are able to directly file your claims for reimbursement from your insurance company. Claims are filed within 72 hours with reimbursement expected within 30-60 days. Payment for visits is due at time of service.

Will my medical insurance reimburse me for my visit?

We are pleased to file a claim form on your behalf for reimbursement with your insurance provider. Claims are filed within 72 hours with reimbursement expected within 30-60 days. We have found that most of our patients receive an average of 40 – 60% reimbursement for their visit.

Will my medical insurance pay for lab testing?

We provide conventional labs and integrative labs. Although we do not directly accept insurance for visits, we do send conventional blood work to a lab that will file with your insurance company. The costs of integrative labs vary and will be discussed at the time of your visit. We will submit a claim form with your insurance company for reimbursement for integrative labs.

Does the practice offer membership plans?

In order to have an even more personal relationship with you, the patient, and become your primary care provider, we offer affordable monthly membership programs for adult and pediatric patients with incredible benefits.

Can I purchase products without coming into the office?

Most of our supplements and products are available to purchase online through our website. We use PayPal to ensure secure online transactions. Once purchased, products will be shipped by the next business day and should arrive within 3 – 5 business days.

What other services does the practice offer?

The practice offers a variety of ancillary services in addition to our provider appointments. You will find more detailed information on the Services tab of our website.

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy
  • Esthetic Services (including facials and personalized beauty)
  • Biopulsar – Ayurvedic Bioenergetic Screening
  • Cartoid Intima-Media Thickness Testing (CIMT)
  • Homeopathy & Homeopathic Injectables
  • HydraFacials
  • Integrative Testing
  • IV Therapy
  • Nutrition & Meal Planning
  • Thermogram

Workshops and Classes: We regularly host classes and workshops that address relevant health care issues. We invite you to participate with our providers and staff as we explore topics related to prevention and wellness care. Join our email mailing list to stay up-to-date on future events.

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