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What made you become a doctor?

I first wanted to be a doctor after seeing sick children on the streets in India during my first visit at 10-years-old. I wanted then, as I do now, to do something to impact their lives. Medicine seemed like an immediate fit. That goal stayed with me throughout college, and although I did entertain the possibility of other careers, I can’t imagine life any other way. I love my patients!

Who are your patients?

Truly, my patients want achieve the ultimate wellness! They are willing to invest in their health so they can feel and look young, have vibrant energy, balance and prevent disease. Though I see many patients for prevention and routine care, it also ranges to the truly sick individuals who are struggling with chronic pain, disease, over-use of meds, and “mystery symptoms” like bloating, brain fog, digestive discomfort, weakened immunity and lack of energy.

How do you answer people when they ask you to explain what you do differently?

In functional and integrative medicine, we focus on you as an individual and tailor your care. We believe in using multiple systems of medicine to create holistic treatment plans that are uniquely tailored to you! We are also a full-service medical home, so we can manage your entire health portfolio from well-checks to prevention appointments, to disease management and healing. We take pride in being chosen to manage your health – and we don’t stop until we get answers! You will never walk away from us with just a prescription. We aim to improve your overall health, thus improving your quality of life!

What do you tell patients, especially women, who complain of being tired all the time, even after a full night’s rest?

First of all, being tired all the time isn’t just a symptom of aging, so don’t accept it! Many women suffer from adrenal fatigue. This is when after long bouts of chronic stress, the body has trouble healing itself even after proper rest. Try boosting your daytime energy with morning and early afternoon protein. Protein shakes or smoothies are great, easy-to-ago options. Adrenal Adaptogens, like ashwaghanda or ginseng may also help beat the afternoon slump. To truly uncover why you have unexplained fatigue, come see us and we’ll do a thorough work-up to understand your body’s unique chemistry!

Name one health tip you think every woman should know.

Don’t drink too much alcohol. I really think it affects us more profoundly than we realize. I typically recommend that my patients pick one night a week to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two. I find that practicing balance and moderation, whether with food or alcohol, is best for both mental and physical health.

What’s the one health food trend you wish would just go away?

Probiotic enhanced everything. There is not enough research that proves how effective these probiotics are when added after the fact to manufactured foods, rather than naturally fermenting or growing as a part of the food itself.

What is your favorite guilty ‘cheat’ treat and how do you balance this in your diet?

My favorite guilty treat I think would be ice cream! I will have a spoon or two every now and then to satisfy my craving without overdoing it. If dairy isn’t an issue for you, always choose full fat, organic ice cream made from whole milk. Just remember to watch your sugar intake!

How do you spend your time when you’re not at the Centre?

Most of my time away from the centre is focused on my family. I love spending time with my children and husband; they are nuts and make me laugh! We bond together as a family doing anything from horseback riding, to grocery shopping, to reading. And of course, a little pampering never hurt! I anxiously await my facials, massages and acupuncture treatments. Sometimes, the best things for your health are the things that feed your soul.



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