How to Stay Healthy This Flu Season

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How to Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Fall is here! While we may enjoy cool weather after a long, hot summer, we also have to prepare for the colds and flu that can come along with the weather change. Flu season officially began on Monday. Last year’s flu season was harsh and reports indicate there were 151 flu-related deaths in Georgia. 

At CentreSpringMD we take an integrative approach to health and we want everyone to be prepared this flu season. To learn strategies to prevent and treat the flu, watch now: 

Cold & Flu Buster Drip
Keep colds and flu away using vitamin therapy, including vitamin C with trace minerals, B vitamins and more.

Traveler’s Immune Drip
Combat long flights, airplane germs and more. For the traveler, optimizing the immune system is key. A Myers Cocktail with added B, C and trace minerals helps to keep you well as you travel.

Immune Booster
Reduce the duration and severity of your cold with our Immune Booster Shot, containing the powerful homeopathic remedy Engystol. 

Vitamin C Shots and Infusions
Vitamin C is an immune booster, which helps you stay healthy during flu season!

Don’t wait for your family to get sick! Now is the time to boost your immune system.

Use special code IMMUNE15 and save 15% on an immune building IV Drip or Booster.

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